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Eight Olympians will go to the FINA 2021 World Championships

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Irish swimming has announced its teams for the FINA 2021 (25m) World Championships in Abu Dhabi, UAE and the European Championships LEN (25m) in Kazan, Russia, with the second event starting next week.

In principle, athletes were selected to compete in one of these two events, as it is unusual for both to be held in the same calendar year. Postponement of events due to an epidemic has made the end of 2021 and most of 2022 more crowded than usual for international competitions.

The World Championships will last from 16:00 for 6 daysSeventh – 21Street December, with the European equivalent also runs more than six days out of 2nd – 7Seventh November 2021.

Ireland’s European Youth Championship team has three athletes – Eoin Corby, Molly Mayne and Grace Hodgins – who will focus on gaining experience, while among the 12 Irish athletes heading to Abu Dhabi, eight are Olympians, including the 2020 Tokyo Mona 2020 Olympic finalist. There is McSherry.

The Irish team for the World Cup will also feature Daniel Vifen, a top 16 Olympian, and Shane Ryan and Daniel Hill, who have made significant contributions to the 2021 International Swimming League (ISL) season.

Brendan Highland, Finn McGuire, Jack McMillan and Ellen Walsh will also compete in the Olympics, with Drag Green being the only Tokyo 2020 swimmer not to travel as he recently returned to training after a long break after the Olympics.

The identified relays will once again be a strong focus for the Irish team, and some athletes have been selected for the team. The Ireland team is led by team leader John Rad and team coach Ben Higgson, and Michael McCarthy is selected as the team coach to support the passenger group.

The Irish team will be led by John Sarank at the European Championships in Kazan and will be assisted by Trojan Swimming Club coach Jonathan Preston.

In this team, several Irish junior record holders, Evin Corby, is the most experienced group. He and teammate Molly Maine recently started their short season at the FINA Swimming World Cup.

Young Grace Hudgens will join them, earning their first Irish hat at all levels.

“After our most successful Olympic Games in at least 25 years, we are delighted to be able to return to quality international competitions, something that was avoided in 2020 and 2021 as we approached Tokyo,” said John Rad, director of national performance. .

Some of these athletes are looking to the future, and all of them faced what we felt was a strict and strong selection policy to form these teams.

“Some athletes have not been able to take their places, especially for Kazan, because November is not an easy period for those who are in full-time training, but for those who can take advantage of this opportunity, we are waiting for a short short course. “And we will be exciting. Course competition in two matches.”

Ireland’s selection policy allowed Mona McSherry to play for both Irish national teams at both events, but McSherry will focus on the Abu Dhabi event due to her ongoing academic commitments.

Athletes returning from Kazan will compete in the 2021 Irish National Short Championship Championship, which will be held from 16 at the National Blue Center in Dublin.Seventh – 18Seventh December.

FINA 2021 World Championships (25 meters), Abu Dhabi, UAE
name Home app Home app coach
Cabbage Among University of Stirling Scotland Bradley Hey
نیام Queen National Center (Dublin) Ben Higgson
Daniel Hill Lauren Swimming Club Peter Hill
Brendan Hiland National Center (Dublin) Ben Higgson
Finn McGuire National Center (Limerick) John Sarank
joke McMillan National Center (Ulster) Dewey Johnston
Mona McSherry University of Tennessee, USA Matt Kardich
Robert Powell National Center (Dublin) Ben Higgson
شین Ryan National Center (Dublin) Ben Higgson
Jordan اسلون National Center (Ulster) Dewey Johnston
الن والشه University of Tennessee, USA Matt Kardich
Daniel وایفن Lafborough University, UK Andy Manley
European Championship 2021 LEN (25 meters), Kazan, Russia
name Home app Home app coach
عین Corby National Center (Limerick) John Sarank
Mercy Hogenes Trojan Swimming Club (Dublin) Jonathan Preston
Molly Maine Hamilton Aquatics, UAE Maurice Ash


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