Damavand Weather
In general terms and as greatly as mountaineering is concerned Mount Damavand has only 2 climates, summer and winter! Autumn and spring are way too short and deliberated as cold temp for trekking. Within summer season, mid-June to September Mount Damavand outlook is just the thing for trekking. The outlook in othe seasons is uncertain and regarded as off-season for mountaineering.
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The 300th Brazilian relentless game for Liverpool was in stark contrast to Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester United.

Perhaps it was appropriate to introduce the milestones in the form of a trademark. Cristiano Ronaldo’s three centuries at Manchester United as the comic book champion, the king back and the winner of the game against Atalanta. The day before, Roberto Firmino joined Liverpool 300 with a relentless run.

Atletico Madrid’s famous hard-working Diego Simeone met a man who shared their morals. Liverpool achieved one of their best victories under Jürgen Klopp. “I’m almost certain he was the player who ran the most against Atletico, 100% the attacking player who ran the most,” Klopp said with a grin. “It says a lot.”

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