Damavand Weather Forecast
In general terms and as greatly as mountaineering can be concerned Mount Damavand has only 2 climates, summer then winter! Autumn and as well, spring are way too short and regarded as being as cold weather forecast for hiking & trekking Damavand Mountain.
In summer season, mid-June to September, Damavand Volcano environmental is fantastic for mountaineering. The local climate in othe seasons is tough and regarded as off-season for mountaineering.
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Grivel Duetto helmet review


Griol’s newest helmet دوتتو Follows this collection with its unique beauty for the first time in its stealth hats. Designing angular faces can be somewhat divisive in people who like or hate appearance. However, when it comes to their proper performance, durability and comfort come first.

Unlike previous Gravel helmets, the Duetto is made of EPP (expanded polypropylene), the same material that was pioneered by Petzl. سیروکو Helmets. It allows very lightweight construction with a weight of only 215 grams, while still having a dual certificate (hence the name) for mountaineering and alpine skiing (CE EN 1077) – an impressive feat. This is actually the USP for the Duetto because it is slightly heavier than the Sirocco as the helmet is only approved for mountaineering and ski climbing instead of Alpine. The disadvantage is that a thicker layer of EPP is used, resulting in a bulkier helmet. This volume is visually more noticeable in terms of width when looking forward, especially if you have a smaller head. On the other hand, it is not particularly noticeable that it has caused a slight increase in volume compared to the Stealth HS.

Duetto on the left Stealth HS on the right – It’s hard to show a slight increase in workload, but that gives a little idea.

The Duetto comes in a convenient size with the addition of some foam pads for added elegance, adjusted with simple, woven triple buckles with two small D-rings to help grip. This side strap can be adjusted up and down (slide) to place it at the base of the occipital bone to ensure that the helmet stays in place. In my opinion, this system is easy and wrong, and the advantage that is added to it, folds well in the helmet and has the least volume. A single Fastex buckle secures the helmet under the chin, and it is still easy to close and adjust even with gloves. There are four plastic clamps of the same type as the clamps on it Grivel Stealth HS. I have said before that I prefer to fasten the elastic clamp on the back, as it allows you to fasten it easily and securely before turning it around to secure it under the front clamps. I have seen twice when partners use their helmets to ping all the clips with their cold hands and an icy / wet helmet, pinging their heads off the “ping” helmet – both times ending at their feet and not on the cliff, but .. The clamps work anyway. As well as any other clips that exist. One of the minor features of the shape is the very low edge on the front of the hat, and it works amazingly well to deflect water droplets from your face – not a problem with summer rock climbing (hopefully!), But another small advantage in winter. The Grivel includes a helmet bag and a very handy helmet holder. The bag is delivered to the food organization only for myself, but the helmet holder is really useful and allows you to attach the helmet to the outside of many packages with minimal fluff. In my opinion, keeping a helmet with windproof or waterproof inside for quick access and saving indoor space works well.

In use
The Duetto has proven to be a great mountaineering hat – I really can’t guarantee its ability to ski, except for a short session about roller skating when I forgot my bike helmet and thankfully had my mountaineering kit in the van. ! In terms of overall volume, it is similar to the Grivel Stealth HS and fits easily under a variety of hard hoods and jackets, although it is “taller” than the Petzel Sirocco. A size suitable for all restraints was very stable and held the helmet in place, even when used with a flame head. The adjustment range means it can easily fit a hat or woolen hat in the winter while still sticking to my head in the summer without decorating.

Spring rocky trails; I do not know why I closed my eyes – maybe that was the demon 😉

Ventilation is adequate and I had no problem in the summer, but I could not climb in really hot conditions, and if you spend a lot of time on the scorching rocks, other helmets with more ventilation are available! The Duetto’s focus in the fall, winter and spring is on mountain use, especially for those looking for a dual mountaineering and skiing helmet – hence the name! However, it provides an excellent helmet for winter / ice climbing as well as for non-skiers with significant weight savings compared to the old HardShell Gravel and exceptional durability. This is a helmet that can be tucked into a winter bag without fear of cracking and tolerated by the usual abuses of Alpine or Scottish routes.


  • Lightweight
  • powerful
  • Has a dual ski / climbing certificate
  • Simple and convenient adjustment


  • Divisive looks
  • A little bulkier

SRP 125 pounds or 139 euros


Disclaimer – CGR reviewers are never paid for commenting and do not accept advertising websites. We are a group of avid climbers and travelers who accept sample products and offer honest and independent review of the item. The reviewer often keeps the sample after inspection for health reasons and most of them are not in good condition to return!

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