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In general coverage and as greatly as trekking could concerned Damavand Volcano has only 2 seasons, summer or winter! Autumn and spring are far too short and treated as as cold outlook for hiking & trekking Damavand Iran.
In summer season, mid-June to September, Mt Damavand temp is most suitable for climbing. The weather in othe seasons is uncertain and regarded as off-season for hiking & trekking.
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Kevin O’Brien leaves Kurofin after reigning

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Coach Kevin O’Brien left Galloway Korofin after a defeat in this year’s County Final and ended up with a very successful squad.

O’Brien took over the club in 2016 after previously working as a selector under Stephen Rachford, becoming one of the club’s most prestigious executives in the sport.

The esteemed manager of the club then took over and won Rachford three consecutive championships in Galloway, extending the season to seven titles, bringing them to three unprecedented titles in three seasons across Ireland.

The club also won four Connacht Adult Football Championships with them.

“It was a great trip and a period of great success for the club,” O’Brien said. Galway BFM Yesterday.

Rival club Mountbellew-Moylough have proven to be their kryptonite and have not won a title in the last two years, with the team losing twice in the Galloway Adult Football Championship to the reigning city champions since O’Brien took over.

Mountbellew-Moylough also drew with Corofin in the 2018 County Final, but lost the first game of O’Brien’s three wins across Ireland.

However, Kurofin’s almost flawless record under O’Brien remains a marvel of masterpiece – the team has won 51 of its 56 championships and is in control of its former team.

“I think you should be very grateful. There were days on the sidelines when we lost games and we got lucky that day. Teams evolve too, and last Sunday was the culmination of Mountbellew’s success – and fair play for They.

I was very proud to have won all of Ireland in three games, everyone in that locker room was a Korofin, and that really shows the success we have at the club and at the individual level.

“I have no doubt that this situation will be resolved and I will certainly be there to support them in any way I can.”

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