Damavand Weather Forecast
In general terms and as greatly as hiking can be concerned Mt. Damavand Iran has only 2 seasons, summer then winter! Autumn as well as spring are way too short and regarded as being as cold weather for trekking Damavand Mountain.
Within summer season, mid-June to September, Mt Damavand Iran weather is most suitable for mountaineering. The weather forecast in othe seasons is tough and regarded the fact that off-season for climbing.
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Movie Review: Meru

Conrad Anker and Jimmy China have long been the main names in the world of rock climbing. Both of these athletes have become mountaineering superstars. Conrad is world-famous for his ascents, and he even created a wave in the non-ascending world by finding the body of George Mallory on Mount Everest. Jimmy is known for his photography and filming in mountaineering.

In 2004, I lived in Las Vegas and guided Red Rock Canyon every day. Many of my friends at the time had a “dirt bag” lifestyle, living outside the car and pursuing it whenever they could. It was then that I met a young climber who had just connected three great classic lines in Red Rock. Renan تورztürk connected epinephrine (5.9, IV), cloud tower (5.12a, IV) and Levitation 29 (5.11c, IV) in one day. I was completely surprised. Each of those lines is not only large, but not close to each other …

I was not surprised when I started hearing stories about Renan climbing with Conrad and Jimmy. There is no doubt that he was able to play in the same world arena as the other two.

There have been several articles and videos showing each of these climbers over the past several years. But none of them come close to the aesthetic quality and human tension in the film. مرو.

Merv tells the story of three climbers and a mountain: Merv. Or more precisely, the Merv Shark fin, which is a huge granite peak that combines mountaineering, ice climbing, combined mountaineering and A4 wall climbing skills to climb. Dozens of parties have tried this route, but no one has succeeded.

Conrad did it in 2003 with Doug Chabat and Bruce Miller, but failed. They simply did not expect it to be so challenging. The story of his return to the mountains with Renan and Jimmy in 2008 and 2011.

Throughout the film, we find out that all three men have been in close contact and lost. Conrad’s coach died first and then his best friend. Renan is severely injured in an avalanche. And Jimmy can hardly escape another avalanche with his life.

All three men have different reasons for climbing Merv. It was a dream come true from Mugs Stump, his mountaineering instructor, to Conrad. Jimmy was passionate about Jimmy as he slowly made his way back to the world of mountaineering and skiing. And it was an absolute necessity for Renan to prove to himself that he was still what he was before his accident.

مرو The film is a beautiful scene mixed with breathtaking expert cinematography. But the real story is the story of three men, a mountain partner who work together to achieve a goal and at the same time close friendships …

There is no doubt that making such a film in such circumstances was extremely difficult. There were times when I was amazed at the fact that the camera rises like a canvas (where did it thrive in the mountains?) To get a better picture. There were other times when I was shocked when someone held the camera when it was clearly in pain or on the edge. And there were times when I was amazed at the fact that they probably had to climb two or even three times to shoot. And in fact, I was amazed at the fact that they all came together so seamlessly. مرو It is a proof of documentation. This is a testament to what can be done …

I had an unusual experience in this movie. This was the first climbing documentary I had ever seen with a non-mountaineering audience. Most of the films I see like this are at the Reel Rock Film Festival, the Banff Film Festival or the 5 Point Film Festival. The people who watch films at such festivals are like-minded people who are not portrayed at heights and do not question the motivations of climbers.

Having this experience of watching a movie with non-mountaineers was invaluable, in part because hearing the reactions and breath of the audience reminded me what beautiful mountains are and how the images of what we do inspire others. But we also need inspiration. And this is where the value of a film like this comes into play. Those of us who are not world-class climbers need people like Conrad, Jimmy and Renan to inspire us. And a movie like that مرو It does exactly that, reminding us of what is possible …

Jason D. Martin

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