Damavand Weather Forecast
In general terms and as greatly as hiking could concerned Mt. Damavand has only two climates, summer and winter! Autumn as well as spring are way too short and considered as cold weather conditions for trekking Mt Damavand.
In about summer season, mid-June to September, Damavand Volcano forecast is most suitable for hiking & trekking. The weather in othe seasons is tough and regarded the fact that off-season for walking.
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National Heroes Movie – Story, Trailer and Release Date

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“National Heroes” is an American sports drama film that soon addresses the question of whether college athletes in the United States should be paid to play.


The film takes place on the eve of the national college football championship game and focuses on a star player who starts a strike before the match.

He does this in order to fight for fair compensation, equality and respect for athletes who risk their bodies and health for their schools.

The players’ strike creates a gap between those who want to maintain the status quo and those who want to change the view of university football.

This gap affects the relationship between coaches and Missouri players as their biggest game of the season approaches.


The trailer was released on November 16 and features the main character, Lamarcus James, who begins the strike and introduces the characters who will be on both sides of the fence – the players, the coaches, the NCAA uniforms.

Introduces this default – a player strike will result in a boycott of the largest college calendar game if not resolved.

In a live television interview, James talks about the differences between players and coaches, as well as people in senior positions in the National Association of University Athletes.

The trailer shows several perspectives on the consequences of James’ actions – himself, other players, his coach and those who run the NCAA.

It also features NFL players Malcolm Jenkins and Russell Wilson, both of whom are answering test questions.

Strong actors are seen throughout the trailer, with veterans such as JK Simmons and Timothy Oliphant alongside actors heading for the Pyramid – Stephen James, who previously played Jesse Owens in “The Race,” and Lil Rall Hawry from “go out”. ‘Seen in the trailer.

Date of Release

‘National heroes’ will be present American cinemas On December 10 and is expected to be available in Ireland on a later date.

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