Damavand Weather Forecast
In general coverage and as far as hiking can be concerned Mount Damavand has only two climates, summer and winter! Autumn and spring are too short and treated as as cold temp for hiking & trekking Mt Damavand Iran.
In about summer season, mid-June to September, Mt. Damavand Iran local climate is ideal for trekking. The local climate in othe seasons is uncertain and regarded the fact that off-season for trekking.
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Peng Shui needs more than “quiet diplomacy.” If he can be silenced, no Chinese athlete is safe Jessica Shuran Yu

As an athlete talking about abuse, I’m tired of seeing reputation take precedence over safety.

When I first experienced harassment as an athlete, I vowed never to tell anyone. Always. I was worried that I would not be believed, but the thought of someone recognizing me as a “victim” made me sad. Besides, I knew that even if I told someone, nothing would change. I was both right and wrong. Years later, after I stopped competing in skating, I broke my silence About the physical abuse that was inflicted on me in China and set me free. I talked about it extensively with close friends, reporters, and therapists. It never got easier to talk about it, but every time I did, I started to get a little better.

The strongest cause of abuse is silence. This allows abusers to continue to harm athletes, athletes continue to believe that such behavior is good, and allows officials to continue to close their eyes without feeling guilty. Any allegations of abuse that are spread must be properly investigated so that there is hope for justice.

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