Damavand Weather Forecast
In general coverage and as far as climbing could concerned Mt Damavand has only 2 climates, summer or winter! Autumn and as well, spring are way too short and deliberated as cold local climate for trekking Damavand Volcano.
In summer season, mid-June to September, Damavand environmental is most suitable for mountaineering. The local climate in othe seasons is tough and regarded the fact that off-season for walking.
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Peter Quillie: Fighting for the Bellator 270 title in Dublin is a dream

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Peter Coyley has said that his upcoming fight for the Bellator 270 lightweight title against Patrick Pitbull is a dream come true.

Queally and Patricky are the headlines for Bellator’s upcoming card on Friday, November 5 at the 3Arena Dublin, and the Waterford native is eagerly awaiting a battle.

The Irishman defeated Patrick in May earlier this year, when a doctor’s suspension ended their initial fight after two rounds.

The lightweight belt was recently vacated by Patrick’s older brother, Patricio, and was promoted as a result of the fight in Dublin.

Queally is looking forward to fighting for the belt against its home fans – this is the biggest fight ever in Dublin.

“It’s just a dream come true,” the 34-year-old told a pre-match press conference today. “It’s 13.12 years of work that finally pays off. I’m very, very proud of myself – that’s all I can say about it. I’m just very, very proud of myself to be here. ام. “

“The Showstopper” has emphasized that he hopes the battle will turn into a war so he can see how much Patrick can do in five rounds.

“I came for a fight – like a real fight,” Quillie said. “I will not shoot to stop, I can guarantee this to you.

I will not try to earn points – I will not do any of these things. I’m here to fight him. I want this to be a war.

I want this to be terrible for both of us because no one can defeat me in this kind of struggle. “This is my plan – just to make it completely disgusting to the two of us and let him break and see how much he can stand.”

The Bellator 270 will be held at 3Arena Dublin on Friday, November 5th. The original card starts at 5:30 pm Greenwich Mean Time and the original card starts at 9 pm Greenwich Mean Time.

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