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In general terms and as greatly as mountaineering is just concerned Mount Damavand has only two seasons, summer then winter! Autumn and spring are way too short and regarded as being as cold climate for mountaineering Damavand Volcano.
Within summer season, mid-June to September, Mt Damavand Iran weather conditions is ideally suited for trekking. The temp in othe seasons is uncertain and regarded as off-season for hiking & trekking.
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Peter Wright is the PDC World Darts Champion in 2022

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Peter Wright defeated Michael Smith 7-5 in the final on Monday to win the William Hill Hill World Darts Championship for the second time.

In an exciting Alexandra Palace movie, we saw the first division change many times, before Wright lifted the all-time Seyed Waddell Cup for the second time in three years, while Smith suffered his second World Cup final defeat.

Smith, who was looking for his first TV ranking title, was in control of the match as he was 5-4 in sets and 2-0 in tenth set, but Wright won nine of the next ten games and made the list twice. Global joined. heros

“I’re bringing this amazing trophy to the moon for the second time,” said Wright, winner of three television titles in 2021.

“It was a difficult year for me to get away from darts, but I had a great year and it made me want to raise it,” he said.

Michael and I did not do as well as we could in many games, but it was still a fun final because it was so close.

Michael is the future of Dart, I feel for him tonight because I was in his position.

But, I have to take advantage of the opportunities that I get, and fortunately I was able to do that tonight.

I can not explain what went wrong in my game tonight, I constantly changed the darts and tried to find something that would work and luckily I did well in the end.

Thanks to the spectators for supporting us all in the tournament, they were fantastic.

Smith lost his temper after losing his eighth TV finale in nine attempts as he awaits his first TV ranking title.

Despite its latest disappointment, the new world number five is determined to break its duck in 2022.

“I won five sets instead of three at this time, but losing those finals has made me who I am now,” Smith said.

“It will be difficult tonight, but I will be back to the training table soon and getting ready for the next match.

“Shotguns do not hit the big ends, I guess you do.”

Smith hit 24,180 in this match to bring his total to a staggering 83 and broke Anderson’s previous record of 71 goals in 2016/17.

Two of those 180 were in the opening game, although it proved to be a nervous start for both players with 23 doubles lost between the pair in the second game.

Wright won both initial sets 3-1, before Smith consolidated his victory in the next two sets to tie the game.

Wright took the lead by winning a set of five decision-makers, before Smith won 4 of the next seven games, leading 4-3 for the first time.

After Wright equalized again, Smith regained the lead with a victory in the ninth set and was looking for the title as he went 2-0 up in the tenth set.

However, Wright returned to win the set with a score of 84 and then whitewashed Smith in the 11th set to go back.

World number two quickly moved to the finish line, while Smith was able to stop Wright from winning the twelfth and final set 3-1 to win.

William Hill Darts World Championship 2021/22
Monday 3 January (2000 GMT)

Peter Wright 7-5 Michael Smith (3-1, 3-1, 1-3, 2-3, 3-2, 1-3, 0-3, 3-1, 2-3, 3-2, 3- 1 0, 3-1)

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