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Top 5 NBA Rookie Players in 2021

Top NBA rookie players of the 2021 season

The chance to become an NBA rookie is a lifetime opportunity for those who are talented enough Has been drafted. The glamor, glamor, and initial joy quickly disappears when the expectations of a hungry fan base are immediately placed on the shoulders of the players.

After a few losses at the start of the season, and negative pressures, all newcomers are forced to remember why they were selected for their team when they were here. Although the 2021 NBA season has already begun, it is still too early to predict the top NBA players in 2021.

If a team does not make a deal before the draft, most of the teams in the top 5 NBA draft teams are not great. In fact, this percentage is higher for the teams that are at the bottom of the standings.

Here are the best NBA rookies of 2021.

5. Jalen Saggs

More based on his performance in the latest NCAA March Madness Tournament, Jalen Saggs should have reached number one in the NBA 2021 draft overall. However, he did not. The Orlando Magic selected Suges in fifth place in the draft draw, much to the surprise of many fans.

In 6 minutes, 5 inches and 200 pounds, Saggs was made for the hardships of an NBA keeper during an 82 game season. However, Magic begins a historic reconstruction this season. Orlando traded their most talented and skilled players in Nikola Vuویevi به to the Chicago Bulls, Ivan Fournier to the Boston Celtics and Aaron Gordon to the Denver Nuggets. This is waving the “white flag” in one season.

Saggs played in college for a year basketball And the relatively mediocre statistics for a draft were very noticeable. In more than 30 games, Suggs scored an average of 14 PPGs and an average APG of 4.5 for the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the NCAA.

Orlando is very young and tall. In addition to the guards of Cole Anthony and Terence Ross, Saggs will have every opportunity to improve his game. He needs to improve his 3-point shot, but given the amount of losses predicted for the Magic this season, 82 games will have plenty of time to find their way.

4. Ivan Mobli

The Cleveland Cavaliers selected Ivan Mobley, a 7-inch center from the USC, in the third round of the NBA 2021 draft. Moby played for the Trojans (USC) for a year, earning almost a double-average.

Mobley averaged 16.4 PPGs, more than 8.5 RPGs, and, more interestingly, he averaged almost 3 shots per game in 33 games for the USC. Cleveland is also rebuilding after the separation of LeBron James.

Similar to Sags in Orlando, Mobley is asked to come out of the middle of the ashes to reach the playoffs to revive the team that once won. The Cavaliers list is young with the exception of forward Kevin Love.

Mobile must extract what it can, while it can, from the experience of love heroism. Love has stepped out in the last few seasons and has recently entered the NBA Health and Safety Protocol.

This means more playing time for Mobile, who will be in the starting lineup early in the game.

However, the Cavs will suffer a lot of losses again this season, so Moby and his growth will not be able to help save this point in 2021. The lottery seems to be another draft for Moby and Cleveland, which has collected a large number of them. From the top 3 draft selections in the last few seasons.

3. Jalen Green

Yes, there are others on our list. Jellen Green was selected as the second overall overall by the Houston Rockets. Green is a product of the NBA G-League Ignite in high school.

Despite offers from major NCAA schools such as Arizona, Florida and the USC, Mobley turned them all down before the age of 15 and bet on himself. Moby was the first player to sign Ignite and receive a $ 600,000 contract.

Green is good for the NBA in 6’4, but he does not have the size and strength to deal with the guards who are currently in the league.

All the best have worked on their bodies in addition to their games. Staff work, Kevin DurantAnd Giannis Antentoconmpo all had very thin frames, but quickly realized they needed more to be effective. NBA player.

Make no mistake about it, Green is a light shooter. He is a scoring machine for the Houston Rockets, who have also lost most of their veteran talent and leadership. It should be noted that their most talented player, John Wall, has requested a deal from Houston and will sit until the end of the deal.

When Green arrived, there was potential for him to play on a team with James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Instead, he is on the Rockets team, with veteran Eric Gordon, another first shooting guard such as Green and forward Christian Wood.

Even if the Rockets can clear their giant wall and contract and achieve comparable returns, Green will be under intense pressure to lead Houston to the already-accumulated Western Conference playoffs.

Green will put the monster numbers in a garbage team and will probably have five more top picks in the draft next season to accompany him when he loses.

2. Kid Cunningham

One of the benefits of posting a list of the top 5 newcomers to the NBA after the start of the season is that we can over-promote a player who has not yet played. Kid Cunningham was drafted No. 1 overall in the NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons, and most recently made his NBA debut due to an ankle injury.

Cunningham is a product of the Oklahoma State Cowboy from the NCAA, which plays one season and has an average of more than 20 PPGs. Cunningham is 6 minutes 6 inches and weighs 220 pounds, which is an ideal body type for an NBA striker.

While Cunningham has no flash, he is consistent, patient and efficient, which is just the steady force the Detroit Pistons need.

Detroit has a lot of young and talented goal scorers, most of whom are environmental players. Cunningham was a good 3-point shooter in college (40%), but this is his inner game that the Pistons will rely on.

As long as he can stay healthy, Cunningham will surely help Detroit return to its winning ways in the 2000s. The Eastern Conference is heavy, but low playoffs are acceptable. Maybe not this season, but Cunningham is really the second best rookie of the year because of the help he will give his team in 2021.

1. Scotty Barnes

Scotty Barnes is the best rookie to enter the 2021 NBA season. Barnes has a size, power and engine that moves him like no other. Barnes weighs 6 ‘7 inches and weighs 225 pounds and has a body made for killer basketball. It is his speed and versatility that make him a top choice.

Barnes was selected fourth by the Toronto Raptors, the team that secretly made it to the top five teams in the draft draw, despite the fact that they are not going to be in that position based on their winning percentage.

Scotty Barnes, NBA rookie

Scotty Barnes with the ball

Although Barnes played just 24 games before his first game in the NBA and had mediocre numbers to choose from, his performance in the summer league and earlier this season justifies his ranking among the top rookies.

The ability to place the ball on the ground and dribble from basket to basket like a point guard, pull up to hit, take the ball to a solid hoop, or find an open teammate all make Barnes the best choice in drift. .

Barnes is in a very unique and convenient position to play for the Raptors, as he is joining a team with a championship lineage. Toronto won The 2019 NBA Championship, but the main parts of that winning team have since left the team.

However, Barnes still has plenty of veteran leadership and other very talented young players to admire his game.

Burns’ energy, motivation, positivity and overall play will undoubtedly lead to the playoffs for the Toronto Raptors this season.

The final bell

It should be noted that one NBA fortune teller does not have more insight or knowledge than another. None of the sports writers, reporters, and talent scouts look at a crystal ball before betting on a young man.

One of the pleasures of making such a list is that it is like growing a plant from a seed. When we follow the journey of all these newcomers, we see that it becomes something special.

As fans NBA, We all have to sit and watch the newcomers fall, take their masses and finally become the future of the league!

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