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UCL: Teams that have a great start

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UCL: Teams that have a great start

It’s time again! The Champions League is underway and some teams are ready to win the title. Although it is still in the group stage, it is safe to say that some of the claimants are serious about finding it this time! Bet on the weak It may be to your advantage in this tournament, because Juventus have a great start right now – among the teams that are less known for their talented players to win.

UEFA fever

UCL is easily the most popular sporting event in terms of combining football league teams in a tournament. The most exciting teams in the world come to prove their superiority, and often end in hot games, so it makes sense to be one of the most visited sporting events every time. Keep reading to find out more about this event!


Ajax’s weaker talk is by no means a bad team historically, but for now, they prove to be a great team! The Amsterdam team has had a perfect win with Sebastian Haller at the top of the net with six goals in his name in three games. Their team often dominates their league at home, but their current performance in the UEFA environment is unusual for them. This fact does not discredit them as a flawless football club. They have all won Matches offered by UEFA And they are among the best teams in the world. It seems that they are working so well again that Liverpool are interested in bringing one of their players to the public by exposing their interest in hunting.

The AFC Ajax have shown a high level of football since everyone really remembers, and they are still a force to be reckoned with and will continue to dominate the UEFA table. The Netherlands never seems to be disappointed with football, and the club has maintained a high-class football image. Dortmund will be looking for revenge, so watch out for November 3, where Dortmund will try to make up for their poor performance in the first leg – where they conceded four goals without conceding a single.


It seems that even without Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus is still a force it has always been. The Italian League team is among the teams that have had a brilliant start with three wins. It seems that their teamwork and general chemistry are rapidly taking them to the top of their group. Their defense seems to be impenetrable in these matches and they have not conceded a goal yet. They seem to be Chelsea’s main competition because they are the only team that Chelsea could not play in their group. UEFA seems to rank them as the fifth best team in the world, but we have to see where they stand after this competition.

They are one of the oldest teams in Italy and have seen the most success in their time, which makes it a great start for them. The inconsistency bothered the Italian teams, but they managed to put things right. Manchester United recently bought Ronaldo and, to everyone’s surprise, did not have a great start. Juventus are proving to the world that they do not need a star like Ronaldo (which in fact seems to make some players. Recent problemWhen they have good teamwork, talent and chemistry. They clearly still have enough capable finishers!


You will never walk alone with Liverpool. You should know that their great start is not surprising. Despite their incoherence in their league, they seem to dominate UEFA, often equaling Bayern Munich for their third win in UCL history. In the last few years, Liverpool have returned strong with just a few uncoordinated games. They are back and they are scaring the league, with the man himself – Salah – who has scored the second goal so far, with five goals in three games and the team that has scored a total of eleven goals in three games. .

This English team shows its presence early and acts as an invincible force. However, when they meet other teams that have a great start, everything will go up. This year has brought the highest football class. With arguably the best coach in the business and a brilliant team that has shown that their chemistry is at the peak of constant growth, they are far more talented in their sleeves – they really pay attention to the words “you will never walk alone.” “

Bayern Munich

As you know, Germany is the scariest team among the teams with the most titles. This season, they continue to boost their reputation by not losing, conceding goals and scoring more than ten goals in three games, but they also had Lewandowski as their representative – scoring five goals in his own name and putting him in their place. In the list of European Champions League. The top scorers were tied for the latter. In Germany, they prove to be the most successful team, and wherever they are, it happens to them naturally. Their football is really on another level, especially with one of the best goalkeepers who makes it much easier to focus on attacking and putting pressure.

These German teams are often made up mostly of Germans, which makes it easier to build their chemistry and dynamics in an aeration system. Many players have known each other for years, and having fewer language barriers always leads to better communication. Given that football is a team sport, this good relationship greatly affects the performance and chemistry between all the players on a team. Needless to say, the German people seem to really support and love football. Encouraged from an early age, so they have endless talent!

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