Damavand Weather Forecast
In general coverage and as greatly as mountaineering can concerned Volcano Damavand has only 2 seasons, summer or winter! Autumn and as well, spring are too short and considered as cold outlook for trekking Damavand.
In summer season, mid-June to September, Damavand Volcano local climate is ideal for trekking. The forecast in othe seasons is uncertain and regarded the fact that off-season for hiking & trekking.
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Vinson’s team has reached Ponta Arenas

January 7, 2022

January Vinson team watching the scenery at Ponta Arenas (Jonathan Schrock)
Jan Vinson Team Enjoying Their First Team Dinner (Jonathan Shock)

We received the news overnight from IMG Senior Guide Jonathan Shrook that Vinson’s team had arrived at Ponta Arenas. I think Jonathan told us this in his email:

“The Vinson V5 team has all arrived in Ponta Arenas and is making their final preparations for a trip to Antarctica. A few extra ‘rings’ for the jump have kept us going this year, but this is for any international trip in The present is equal, each member of the team has a few more details to look forward to in the next 24-48 hours – but as it stands now, we’re ready to put this show on the road.

Over the next 24 to 48 hours, Porter and I will finalize the team’s food purchases at Ponta Arenas, pack the latest equipment, and explain to the team how to prepare and what the first time we’ve been on the ice. Packing, unpacking, repackaging and unpacking… and repackaging is how each climber spends the next day… until their kit is shortened and finalized for the trip. By the end of the weekend, we will be ready and waiting for the last “launch” call from our partners in ALE.

In the meantime, it was right to take a break from a great steak and wine dinner looking out on the harbor at Ponta Arenas. Get back to work tomorrow! “Greetings from Patagonia!”

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