Darbandsar Weather Forecast

Darbandsar Weather Forecast
Former Darbandsar village at the moment is a part of Shemshak town, it is 60 kilometres north west of Tehran in Alborz Mountains. Darbandsar ski resort is located in a village of the same name in the Alborz Mountains of Tehran. It is one of the 7 major ski resorts near Tehran and the second most challenging resort after Shemshak in the same region. Darbandsar small private ski resort is located on the slopes of Mount Seechal. See also HERE and HERE.

Darbandsar Weather Forecast. Darbandsar ski resort is 60 Km northeast of Tehran, on Shemshak-Dizin Road.
Darbandsar ski resort in Roodbare Ghasran near Tehran, Iran

Darbandsar Weather Forecast
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Darbandsar Weather Forecast
Darbandsar is 60 Km northeast of Tehran, on Shemshak-Dizin Road.
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