Trek Mt. Damavand
Trek plan to the highest volcanic peak in Iran. This charming very big volcano is one of the most easily accessible massive 5670 masl volcano in the world. A undiscovered prominent volcano target which is without question quickly picking up favour with regards to trekking touring station. Volcano Damavand is also the great vertical extent ski slope for ski touring in Persia and is a well liked destination for sport task.

Mt. Damavand Iran could be described as perhaps the quickest 5670 masl in our planet up to walk. The starting point lodge Polour is just a couple of hours from Tehran’s IKA Int Airport. In a compact timeframe schedule you can possibly trek to the summit and as well as get a taste associated with the natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of this fact distinguished volcano peak.

Hiking Mount Damavand Iran
Mt. Damavand is a great shaped cone volcano which has a small snowy peak. That appears to be Fuji Mountain within Japan, Asia. Volcano Damavand dormant volcano sits roughly eighty kilometres North East of Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Damavand Mountain whitened peak and its particular stunning ordinary fog up top will be the mainly desirable picture of Iran peaks.

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Avalanche air bag and you

It was February 2012, and three skiers died just outside the Stevens ski area in the drainage of the Creek Tunnel. Five people were initially caught in a backward avalanche. One of the survivors got stuck between two trees while the snow was attacking him. The other survivor – Elyse Saugstad – installed an avalanche air bag that kept her close to the snow surface and allowed rescuers to find her quickly.

The survival of Saugstad aroused great interest in avalanche airbags. Our store at the American Alpine Institute began receiving almost daily inquiries about these potential rescue devices. And now, these devices are standard for ski touring and country skiing guides.

BCA Float 42 is a single balloon package
With a space of 42 liters

But what are they?

An avalanche air bag is basically an ordinary backpack with one or more large balloons on top and next to it. The idea is that if there is an avalanche, the skier can fly fast inflated balloons almost immediately. And then in theory, these balloons keep your body moving near the surface of the avalanche, making it easier to save.

There are many aspects to consider before purchasing one of these systems. First, of course, there is affordability. Second is the problem of refilling the cartridge. Third, there is the question of how easy it is to insert and retrieve a trigger. And finally, a person’s perception of a certain brand and, in fact, even his loyalty to it.

Before making any purchase decision, you should look at the advantages and disadvantages of the three main aspects of this system.

  1. What kind of gas is used to inflate the balloon chamber?
  2. How many balloons are inflating?
  3. What kind of mechanism is used to set up the balloon (s)?

To decide which type of gas (compressed air or nitrogen) is best for you, you must first think about where you are going to use your pack. Air temperature and altitude may affect the performance of the cartridge and, in fact, the speed at which gas moves from the cartridge to the balloon (s). Compressed air seems to do a little better at lower altitudes – as found in PNW – while nitrogen does work at slightly higher altitudes, like that found in Colorado.

Another concern that should be mentioned is the problem that some have had to take these backpacks abroad. For some reason, the TSA does not like the weird gas cartridges stored inside the backpacks of their aircraft …

Avalanche Airbag Pack North Face
Note that this is a two-balloon system.

The terrain on which you ski is another factor to consider. If you are skiing in a place where there are a lot of sharp trees and branches or in a place where there are a lot of sharp rocks, it is possible that you are going to pierce a balloon. Some systems use a two-valve balloon package for two reasons – first, if one of the valves fails. And second, if one of the balloons is punctured after deployment. Some brands have worked hard to create a configuration that provides more “floating capability” by playing with the volume and spatial adjustment of the balloons.

If you are going to use the pack as a tourist, you may have different needs for a ski tour or a guide. Why? Because each group has different needs. A recreational person needs cost-effectiveness and performance with a simple pull. Professionals often use small explosive packages that (depending on the relevant marketing department) ensure a higher and lower standard. Finally, a guide may want to set up the remote control mechanism if one of its participants is on a slide but is unable to start the system.

Now the real trick of these packages is not that they may “save” you from an avalanche. Instead, they may deceive you into feeling false security. If you are on a slide, this package gives you a better chance (about 16% in total or almost a little over half of those who would otherwise have died in an avalanche), but it will not save you from falling. Or trees or boulders or any number of other horrible things that might happen to you if you slip. The best tool you can use to prevent an avalanche is your brain and your ability to use it. If you have not February, Then you have lost the main element.

– Jason D. Martin

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