Trek Damavand
Hike program to the biggest volcano in Iran. This substantial gigantic summit is concerning the most easily accessible massive 5670 m peak in the world. A uncharted prominent top target which typically is quickly obtaining approval with regards to trekking travelling goal. Damavand Mountain is also the most elevated ski destination for alpine ski touring-Alpine ski touring in the Middle-East and is a favored place for sport interest.

Damavand is very much perhaps the quickest 5670 m on the globe to make sure you climb. The base campsites Poolor is only just 2 hours at Tehran’s IKA Int Air port. In a short timeframe leasure activities you should climb to the summit and additionally get a taste associated with the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this fact distinguished summit.

Hike Mt. Damavand
Volcano Damavand is a wonderful symmetrical cone volcano having a narrow snowy summit. It appears like Fuji-san Mountain in Japan. Mt. Damavand dormant volcano is situated roughly eighty km’s NorthEast of Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Mount Damavand bright summit and its particular lovely regular cloud hat may be the nearly beautiful picture of Iran peaks.

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