Trek Mt. Damavand
plan to the tallest top in Iran. This charming enormous peak is concerning the most easily accessible vast 5670m volcanic peak in the world. A less-known prominent mountain station which is generally quickly capturing admiration with regards to climbing touring station. Damavand Iran is also the biggest ski slope for ski mountaineering in West-Asia and is a popular place for sport hobby.

Mt Damavand Iran could be described as perhaps the speediest 5670 masl on the globe that can walk. The to start off camp Panagah Polor can be absolutely 2 hours far from Teheran’s IKA International Air port. In a quick timeframe itinerary a person can ascend to the mountain summit and get a taste on the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this fact distinguished top.

Hike Damavand
Damavand Volcano is an excellent shaped cone volcano which has a slim snowy top. It appears to be Mt. Fujiyama in Japan. Volcano Damavand dormant volcano lies roughly eighty kilometres north east of Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Damavand Iran bright peak and its wonderful common fog up top will be the almost interesting look of Iran summits.

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