Trekking Mt. Damavand
Climbing program to the biggest volcanic peak in Persia. This pleasing immense peak is amongst the most easily accessible very big 5670 masl top in the world. A unexplored prominent top goal which is rapidly winning regard for mountaineering visiting destination. Volcano Damavand is also the giant ski slope for telemark ski in the Middle-East and is a popular place for winter vacation.

Volcano Damavand is very much possibly the speediest 5670m in our planet to make sure you trek. The to start off encampments Poolor is mearly two hours from Tehran’s IKA International Airport terminal. In a compact timeframe program somebody should walk to the top and additionally get a taste on the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this skill distinguished peak.

Hiking Mt. Damavand
Damavand Iran is a superb shaped cone volcano that has a slim snowy summit. That seems like Mount Fuji within Japan. Mt Damavand dormant volcano sits approx 80 km’s North East of capital Tehran in the northern Iranian plateau. Mt. Damavand white-colored peak and its wonderful ordinary cloud hat may be the most desirable look of Iran peaks.

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