Trekking Mount Damavand Iran
Climbing plan to the biggest summit in Iran. This substantial very large summit is one of the most easily accessible massive 5670m top in the world. A unexplored prominent mountain target which is at (full) speed obtaining regard by mountaineering travelling station. Mt. Damavand is also the high-rise ski slope for ski-touring in the Middle-East and is a well liked destination for winter sport vacation.

Damavand will reasonably the firmest 5670 m in our planet with climb. The original campsites Panagah Polor is without a doubt easily 2 hours from Tehran’s IKA Int Airport terminal. In a compact expression holiday plans you should climb to the peak and get a taste related with the natural beauties, taking in the sights and landscapes of this skill distinguished top.

Hiking Damavand
Damavand is an excellent shaped cone volcano which has a slim snowy peak. That appears like Mt. Fuji-san inside Asia. Volcano Damawand dormant volcano sits nearly eighty kms North-East of capital Tehran in the northern Persian plateau. Mount Damavand light peak and its wonderful common cloud top will be the most appealing perception of Iran peaks.

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