Trekking Mt. Damavand
Mountaineering plan to the biggest mountain in Iran. This nice-looking very large mountain is concerning the most easily accessible immense volcano in the world. A unfamiliar prominent top target which would be at (full) speed getting acceptance with regards to mountaineering travelling target. Damavand is also the biggest ski destination for ski touring in Persia and is a popular target for sport hobby.

Mt Damavand Iran could be described as possibly the promptest 5670 m on earth with ascend. The starting point hut Panagah Polor can be mearly 2 hours far from TEHRAN’s IKA Int Airport terminal. In a restricted timeframe schedule the public is going to climb to the volcano peak and get a taste associated with the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this skill distinguished mountain summit.

Hiking Mount Damavand Iran
Mt. Damavand is a good symmetrical cone volcano which has a slim snowy peak. This seems as if Mount Fuji within Asia. Mt. Damavand dormant volcano is placed approx 80 kilometres North East of capital city Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Mt Damavand white-colored summit and its particular beautiful ordinary cloud cover is the almost attractive view of Iran mountains.

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