Trekking Mount Damavand
itinerary to the biggest top in Persia. This beautiful towering mountain is concerning the most easily accessible gigantic 5670 masl summit in the world. A undiscovered prominent volcano station which is without question speedily gathering favour with respect to trek travelling station. Mt Damavand is also the biggest for wild ski expedition in the Middle-East and is a popular target for sport activitiy.

Damavand will possibly the speediest 18600 ft on earth that can ascend. The base encampments Panagah Polor is easily only 2 hours ranging from Tehran’s IKA Int Flight destination. In a short term leasure activities a person should ascend to the top then get a taste related with the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this fact distinguished peak.

Hiking Mount Damavand Iran
Mt. Damavand is a superb symmetrical cone volcano with a slim snowy peak. That seems as if Fujiyama inside Japan. Mt Damawand dormant volcano sits about eighty kilometres North East of Tehran within the north Iranian plateau. Damavand white-colored summit and its particular beautiful regular cloud hat may be the almost interesting sight of Iran summits.

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Route Details: North Face Seat Peak

As winter falls on the waterfalls, I think of one of my favorite winter hikes in the Pacific Northwest. North Face Peak Chir is a classic winter climb that is easily done in one day. It has a beautiful alpine face covered in snow. The freeze-thaw cycle transforms the face from powder on rock into a spectacular three-terrain alpine line.

The route is temperate and with the exception of one ten steps, most of it is between fifty and sixty-five degrees. It may be eighty degrees, but it is very short and sometimes it does not even freeze. The first time I climbed the peak was the last part of the rock 5.6.

The path close to the summit of the chair
Click on the map to enlarge

 Approaching the top of the chair. The face in the center is the eastern face
To reach the northern front, you have to fall off the saddle on the right.

The approach to this ascent is relatively straightforward. You simply park in the Alpental ski area and then walk from the Alpental valley to the end, where the top of the chair overlooks the bowl below.

(Click on the image to see a larger version.)
This photo shows the north face on the right
Two changes that can be made to the northeastern fulcrum
It is a route with a similar degree to the north.

There are two paths to consider in the mountains. The north view is clear, but the northeast support is just as good. However, the northeastern fulcrum often requires more mixed ascent than the northern front.

Approaching the northern front.

The first terrain of the route rises from a cool, ditched corner onto the thin Alpine terrain.

The second ground leads it to a tree on top of snow and sloping ice.

A climber who approaches a tree trap.

The third earth, before the last earth goes from the above-mentioned step to the peak, makes its way from the thinner earths to another peak.

The descent is straight from the mountain. A few rappels take you down a ditch on the south side of the east front.

On a short winter day, you really can’t beat a stroll on a chair!

– Jason D. Martin

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