Trekking Damavand
Mountaineering program to the tallest volcano in Persia. This delightful cosmic peak is one of the most easily accessible towering 5670 masl peak in the world. A little-known prominent volcano target which typically is swiftly gaining popularity by climbing journeying destination. Volcano Damavand is also the tallest ski destination for backcountry ski mountaineering in Persia and is a admired area for sport hobby.

Mount Damavand Iran will probably the speediest on the globe to trek. The starting point camp Polour can be absolutely just 2 hours at Tehran’s IKA International Air port. In a short term plan the public may trek to the volcano peak and get a taste of the natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of this skill distinguished volcano peak.

Hike Mt. Damavand
Damavand Volcano is a wonderful shaped cone volcano having a slim snowy peak. It looks like Mt. Fuji-san in Japan, Asia. Mount Damavand dormant volcano is closely 80 km’s northeast of capital city Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Damavand Volcano light summit and its particular wonderful ordinary cloud top would be the almost beautiful view of Iran peaks.

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Shocking inconveniences at the speed of all the noise in the nationals. Results and rewrite on your chair.

Shocking inconveniences at the speed of all the noise in the national costume.  Results and rewrite on your chair.

US National Multi-Day Climbing Championships That last weekend with Leadership discipline, Continued today with Speed. Although the roster was full of tough winners and American record holders, the Speed ​​Final was accompanied by a series of shocking upsets that made it one of the most memorable events in recent history.

But Hunt and Kali Klose get fans up

But Hunt (left) and Kali Close (right) are vying for gold in the 2021 National Speed ​​Championship. (Photo: Daniel Gajda)

The first prominent “accelerator” in the women’s section was Emma Hunt. The American record holder finished the preliminary round in first place and started the final round with a victory of 7.59 seconds over his opponent Olivia Basque. Hunt climbed even faster in his next two races. Although he shook a little in the middle of the wall, Hunt still managed to record 7.43 seconds in the victory over Chiara Pelican Hart and 7.38 seconds in the victory over Liberty Ranels. Such consistency quickly put Hunt in the grand final against his Aston Summit teammate, Cali Close. However, Klose had a set of fast times to reach the grand final, including an 8.57-second win over Angeli Suhra and a near-razor-sharp victory over former US record holder Piper Kelly.

As expected, the big gold final match between Hunt and Close was a fireworks display. Shortly after the start, Hunt slipped on his right foot, making the crowd growl, allowing Klose to move forward. But Hunt remained calm and was able to make up for lost time in pursuit of Close. In the end, however, Hunt’s slip was very costly – he could not create enough ground on the wall, and Close hit the final bell about a second faster to win gold in 8.18 seconds. Hunt won the silver medal with a time of 9.19. Hunt, who has always been a good athlete, quickly congratulated his teammate Klose with a big hug while the audience cheered on both women.

The bronze medal went to Piper Kelly, who defeated Liberty Ranels in the small final. The victory was the culmination of a remarkable “return story” for Kelly, who had been sidelined for more than a year with significant shoulder injuries and extensive rehabilitation. The fact that Kelly is now back in top form opens up some interesting possibilities for future competitions, including hopefully a match between the current US record holder (Hunt) and the former US record holder (Kelly).

Joe Goodaker restrains Rough Stokes, but both men shine

John Bruceler, the favorite man in the men’s division (and the current US record holder), did not leave the qualification category. “I had a few hard workouts, but then I had an accident,” Bruceler admitted on social media. But such a surprisingly early departure from Brosler created opportunities for some new letters to shine. Among them was 16-year-old Ruff Stokes, who clocked 6.41 seconds and 6.45 seconds against Oliver Quang and Michael Finn-Henry to advance to the next rounds. (The Stokes race against Finn-Henry was particularly impressive, as Finn-Henry finished eighth in the 2019 National Speed ​​Championship.)

Ruff Stokes (left) and Joe Goodaker (right) punched each other after the final match.
(Photo: Daniel Gajda)

In the next match against Mika Liss, Stokes came down. However, the lick also slipped – and more severely, cut the legs completely in a stagger on the wall. A costly slip from Lice allowed Stokes to take the lead and eventually win, creating a grand final match between Stokes and Joe Goodaker.

At the start of the grand finale, Godaker slipped in a beta attempt on “Tomoa Skip”, but managed to recover and overtake Stokes. The race in the middle of the road was unparalleled, with Goodaker eventually defeating the Stokes by just 0.33 seconds (6.4 seconds for the Godaker gold medal compared to 6.82 seconds for the Stokes silver medal). The bronze medal went to Lice.

As memorable as the podium races, the early draw for the men will probably be one of the most memorable in history: both Lis and Silas Chang clocked 7.28 seconds. (According to the rules, they competed again after a draw, and Lice won 6.16 seconds over Chang. 6.) The rarity of an accurate draw was a prelude to a series of surprises and other inconveniences in the middle of the road. Round, including defeating Lice over Merritt Ernsberger (when Ernsberger lost the ringing bell), and World Championship bronze medalist Samuel Watson, Noah Bratchi, after slipping Bratchi and losing a significant uptrend Wall.

The national championship will end with the bouldering section. Stay tuned to for a full summary of all the activities related to that field.

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