Trekking Mount Damavand
Hike plan to the tallest volcano in Iran. This charming towering mountain is one of the most easily accessible very large peak in the world. A frequently known prominent mountain target which is rapidly achieving acceptance by hike visiting station. Damavand is also the best ski slope for backcountry ski mountaineering in West-Asia and is a popular target for winter campaign.

Mount Damavand could be described as probably the speediest 5670 meters above sea level on the globe with ascend. The original hutments Poolour is without a doubt mearly only two hours far from TEHRAN’s IKA International Air port. In a compact timeframe leasure activities somebody will probably advance to the top then get a taste associated with the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this fact distinguished peak.

Hiking Mount Damavand
Damavand Iran is a superb symmetrical cone volcano having a narrow snowy summit. It seems like Mount Fuji inside Asia. Mountain Damavand dormant volcano is situated roughly 80 km’s North East of Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Mt. Damavand white top and its stunning regular cloud cap will be the mainly attractive view of Iran mountains.

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Terry, Lampard, Drogba: The best line-up in Chelsea history

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Terry, Lampard, Drogba: The best line-up in Chelsea history

Terry, Lampard, Drogba: The 11th best in Chelsea history: Chelsea became a football superpower in 2003 with the acquisition of Roman Abramovich and is now one of the biggest and most well-known clubs in the history of English football.

With a remarkable victory in its 116-year history, including 6 league titles, 2 Champions Leagues, 8 FA Cups, 5 EU Cups, 2 Europa Leagues, 2 Cup Winners’ Cups, 2 Super Cups and 4 Union Cups in its name.

Even before the arrival of Roman Abramovich, Chelsea produced many great players throughout its history.

Among players such as Peter Azgood, Dennis Wise and Marcel Desai, Chelsea have seen the most lucrative and special players at Stamford Bridge.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the eleven teams in Chelsea history:

Terry, Lampard, Drogba: The best line-up in Chelsea history

Peter Check

Petr Cech became a symbol of Chelsea and the Premier League during his time at West London with an affordable از 7million purchase from Rennes in the summer of 2004 under Jose Mourinho.

One of the main reasons for Chelsea winning the Champions League in 2012 was Arjen Robben’s save from extra time by two more dots on the set.

During his time at Stamford Bridge, he won four Premier League titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups and a Europa League, while with a record of 202 appearances in 443 games, he had the record for most clean sheets in the Premier League.

The 6-foot-5-inch Czech had everything to play for during his 11 years at Chelsea. The Czech national team player who is strong in the air, a great player and with a great distribution, is easily on this list.

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole is the best left-back who has ever played for Chelsea and brought the Premier League.

After a controversial split from Arsenal in 2006, Cole played 338 games for West London, scoring seven goals and 38 assists in his eight years in charge.

His decision to leave Highbury to move to Stamford Bridge was justified, and the defender won the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, League Cup and four FA Cups.

Cole, the full-back, is now retired and works as an academy coach at Chelsea’s Cobham training center.


John Terry

Probably the best player in Chelsea history was John Terry, a world-class center-back during his 19 years at Stamford Bridge.

“Mr. Chelsea, becoming the best captain in their golden age since the early 2000s.

Terry, who was a regular starter in his mid-30s, played 717 games for the club and became the all-time leading goalscorer with 67 goals. He is also the Premier League’s top scorer with 41 goals.

As captain, he won five Premier League titles, five FA Cups, three Union Cups, a Europa League and a historic Champions League title.

Ricardo Carvalho

Carvalho, who was bought by Mourinho for 20 20m in the summer, was part of the Porto team that won the Champions League in 2004 under Mourinho.

He partnered with John Terry that season, and he had immediate success in doing so. Creating once (if not) the biggest central defense collaboration in the history of the Premier League.

While Terry had the leadership and qualities that you can determine with a top defender, Carvalho had the speed and talent to be on the ball for even more amazing accompaniment. Part of the backbone that scored 15 goals in the 2004/05 Premier League season.

During his six years at the club, he won three Premier League titles, three FA Cups and two League Cups.

Caesar Azpilicueta

Signed’s 2012 7million from French side Marseille in the summer of 2012, no one could have imagined that Spanish defender Cesar Azpilicueta would become a legendary club in 2021.

Azpilicueta, nicknamed the “Dave” after his arrival at the Chelsea show, has become the beating heart of the current Chelsea team, having played 442 games for the club.

He is still one of the main figures in the current Chelsea squad, after the departure of John Terry in 2017, he was the team captain and the team captain in their last win in the Champions League in May 2021.

A clutch player alone, with 14 goals and 56 assists in his nine years at the club, has achieved almost everything there is to win.

Claude McClellan

One of the few players to have a position named after him, “Makelele” has become synonymous in England and across Europe.

The key defensive gateway to Mourinho’s first season at the club, the Frenchman provided the energy and world-class tackles for the likes of Lampard and his teammates to think about the future.

He left Real Madrid in 2003 after they embarrassingly allowed him to leave due to their galactic politics. McClellan found a home in Chelsea that respected his talents.

During his five years at Stamford Bridge, he won two Premier League titles, a FA Cup and two League Cups, and became a legendary figure among Blues fans.

Angolo Conte

Signed in the summer of 2016 after being an integral part of Leicester City’s unlikely title in the 2015/16 season.

The little Frenchman has gone from an unknown player to one of the best players in the history of Chelsea and the Premier League after his unparalleled performance for the London club.

Conte, who has unlimited endurance and motor for days, is the greatest feature of Conte, his excellent skill in winning the ball in the middle of the park.

The World Cup winner (two with Leicester) has won a FA Cup, a Europa League, a Super Cup and most recently a Champions League to add to his lucrative cabinet, where he played a key role in his side’s victory.

Frank Lampard

When you think of the best player in the history of Chelsea, the name of Frank Lampard usually comes to mind for many Chelsea fans.

Lampard, a Stamford Bridge fan favorite, signed for the Blues in 2001 for 11 11million from West Ham United.

Lampard, who was greeted with skepticism upon arrival, proved well that doubts were wrong and became one of the best midfielders of his generation.

Become Chelsea’s all-time leading goalscorer with 211 goals and 150 assists in 648 appearances for the club.

Mostly used as a box-to-box midfielder, he was a full-fledged and intelligent player whose greatest strength was running from depth and getting the final pass for a goal or assist.

He won three Premier League titles, four FA Cups, two League Cups, a Europa League and a Champions League, and finished second in the 2005 Ballon d’Or during his 13 years at Chelsea.

Eden Hazard

Easily, the most talented Chelsea player, Eden Hazard, lit up Stamford Bridge when he signed a 32 32million deal from Lille for the Blues in the summer of 2012.

In his first game, he surprised the fans, his fun and world-class dribble style made him a fan of Chelsea fans and one of the best players in Europe.

He became Chelsea’s charm with his games and goals, quickly adapting to England’s tough style of play and becoming the most dangerous player in all five European Premier Leagues.

During his seven years at Stamford Bridge, the Hazard wizard scored 110 goals and won six major honors, including two Premier League titles, a FA Cup, a League Cup and a stunning performance in his last game for Europe. . League for the club

Didier Drogba

The striker Didier Drogba, known to many Chelsea fans as the “King of Stamford Bridge”, joined Marseille from Marseille in 2004 on a 24 24million deal and played a key role in Chelsea’s first league title in 50 years. Completed under Jose. Mourinho

Drogba, who has never seen a prolific goal scorer, proved his worth by scoring 10 goals in 10 finals, along with numerous goals in crucial games, during his nine years in West London.

The highlight of his career at Chelsea was his symbolic role in Chelsea winning their first European Cup. The equalizer was scored in the 88th minute Against Bayern Munich and a winning penalty to record his place in Chelsea history.

Help 251 goals in 381 games. Win four league and cup titles, three Union Cups and the Champions League. The world-class Ivory Coast striker has established himself as the best striker in Chelsea history.

Janfranco Zola

The little Italian genius is the only player on the list who did not sign a contract under Abramovich.

Zola, who joined Parma from با 4.5million in 1996, was a key element in what was known as a revolution during the time of Rod Golietz and Gianluca Villa at the club.

Winning two FA Cups, a League Cup, a Super Cup and a Cup Winners’ Cup during the 1990s domestic wave in west London. Zola was named the best player in Chelsea history in 2003.

A very influential figure at the club, the only shame was that Zola in 2003, after leaving Chelsea, was not part of the success he left after seven years of service.

Terry, Lampard, Drogba: The best line-up in Chelsea history

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