Trekking Mount Damavand
Hiking program to the tallest volcanic peak in Iran. This handsome great mountain is amongst the most easily accessible gigantic 18600 feet top in the world. A uncharted prominent peak station which is without question at (full) speed achieving regard by hiking journeying destination. Damavand Mountain is also the high-rise ski resort for radonnée ski in Persia and is a favored destination for sport hobby.

Damavand could be described as maybe the fastest 5670 masl on the globe with ascend. The first hostelbivouacs Polur can be only a couple of hours ranging from Tehran’s IKA International Airport. In a short timeframe itinerary you can climb to the volcano peak and get a taste related the natural beauties, taking in the sights and landscapes of this fact distinguished peak.

Hiking Damavand
Damavand Volcano is a great symmetrical cone volcano with a slim snowy peak. It appears to be Mt. Fujiyama in Asia. Mountain Damawand dormant volcano is situated about 80 kilometres north east of capital city Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Damavand Volcano bright peak and its particular gorgeous regular fog up cover could be the mainly interesting sight of Iran peaks.

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Top 5 Chelsea players in Premier League history

The best Chelsea players of all time in the Premier League

We are discussing Top five players in Premier League history For well-known football clubs across the UK.

Next is Chelsea!

5. Peter Czech (2004-2015)

Petr Cech was the gold standard for goalkeepers with 114 appearances for Chelsea in his 11 years in West London.

The Czech national team player, who arrived through Rennes in 2004, made an immediate impact and won two Premier League and League Cup titles in his first season.

The record was the subject of the 2004/05 season, as Chelsea won the title with 95 points at the time and also won the most in a Premier League season (29).

The Czechs also became the PFA Team of the Year in their first season, conceding just 15 goals, a record for the fewest goals conceded in a Premier League season.

The Czech Republic has certainly made its mark in the Premier League, as evidenced by the number of records it has set in its 15 years in the Premier League.

Win in Golden Gloves of the Premier League The record of four times was not enough for the Czechs, as he is also the only goalkeeper to have achieved this record with two separate clubs: Arsenal and Chelsea.

The Czech legacy at Chelsea is so strong that four years at Arsenal at the end of his career did little to damage his legacy at Chelsea, earning him the popular title of “Czech agent”.

4. Eden Hazard (2012-2019)

While Eden Hazard is only fourth on my list, I think he is the best footballer on this list and one of the greatest talents the Premier League has ever seen.

Hazard entered Stamford Bridge with much fanfare. He was 21 years old and cost the owners of the Champions League 32 million pounds.

The Belgian international made 13 appearances in all competitions and Chelsea won the Europa League in Hazard’s first season.

Jose Mourinho’s second appearance at Chelsea in 2013 marked the beginning of Hazard’s rise to the English top. Soccer Although Hazard won his first Premier League title in the 2014/15 season, he was named the Premier League Player of the Season.

Hazard is one of those players you give a free role to and tell him to just go and do what he does best – and most of the time, he looks for that.

Despite deviating from a season in the 2015/16 season, Hazard returned to his best in recent years at Chelsea, winning his second league title and his second Europa League title in a 4-1 victory over rivals London, Arsenal.

He scored in this game and this was the last time he wore the Chelsea shirt.

3. Didier Drogba (2004-2012) (2014-2015)

10 goals in 10 finals. I do not even need to say his name. Didier Drogba may be the most classy player in the history of the Premier League.

Drogba is not only the only player to have scored in four separate FA Cup finals, he has also scored the equalizer. And Penalty win in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich at their own stadium … Madness.

Like Hazard, Drogba was subject to high standards when he joined Chelsea on a انتقال 24million transfer deal.

Along with Chelsea rookie Petr Cech, the pair won the Premier League and Drogba won by a landslide, winning the league for the second time in a row.

While Drogba was not as clinical as his Premier League counterparts Thierry Henry and Wayne Rooney, Drogba still won two Premier League golden shoes while his overall performance as a striker was at a different level.

Drogba scored 55 assists in 254 games and is impressive as a striker. This shows how much Drogba offered to the team when he was not scoring.

This beach player became the first African player to score 100 goals in the Premier League, and what a better legacy than to always play when he needed it most.

2. John Terry (1998-2017)

John Terry One The Chelsea boy arrived. He spent the first 19 years of his 20 years as a professional footballer and what a career he created at his childhood club.

The former Blues captain is without a doubt one of the best defenders to ever play in this game, and in my opinion, he is the best English defender of modern times.

For a long time, Terry was the only academy product Cobham produced – and he certainly made them proud!

He dominated the domestic scene and became the only captain to lead his club to the Premier League title five times in a row, and also made an impact in Europe.

Terry, who won the UEFA Defender of the Year award three times in a row and was named FIFPro World XI for five consecutive years, set new standards for defense.

Terry was simply a winner. He played the game with intelligence and composure that was not second to none, as evidenced by the more team and individual success he had during his career.

The Club World Cup is the only trophy Terry has not won in his heyday. However, I’m not sure if he’s ashamed of the wealth that Terry has in his personal award cabinet.

1. Frank Lampard (2001-2014)

The best Chelsea scorer in history and perhaps the best goal scorer in history, Frank Lampard is number one on my list of the best Chelsea players in the history of the Premier League.

With 13 years at Chelsea, Lampard was a major factor in Chelsea’s best years, including four Premier League titles, four FA Cups and two European titles, including the Champions League.

Lampard set standards for goal-scoring midfielders that I’m not sure can be met, at least in my lifetime.

The former England international scored double-digit goals in the Premier League for 10 consecutive years, including 22 goals in the 2009–09 championship season, which he lost to teammate Didier Drogba in the Golden Boot.

Had it not been for Ronaldinho, Lampard would have been the only English player to win the Ballon d’Or, following Chelsea’s record-breaking 2004-05 season.

Arsenal He immortalized some of his club legends with statues outside the Emirates Stadium, and I’m not surprised if Chelsea repeat the idea with a few big names – maybe even the men on the list!

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