Trek Damavand
Hiking itinerary to the highest volcanic peak in Iran. This attractive very large top is one of the most easily accessible vast volcano in the world. A little-known prominent top station which would be rapidly getting acceptance for hike journeying station. Volcano Damavand is also the highest for ski expedition in Persia and is a well liked area for sport vacation.

Damavand will apparently the rapidest 18600 ft on earth to hike. The starting point lodge Panagah Polor would be absolutely only 2 hours from Teheran’s IKA International Flight destination. In a short term leasure activities a person should ascend to the volcano peak and additionally get a taste related the natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of this amazing distinguished mountain summit.

Hike Damavand
Damavand is an excellent symmetrical cone volcano that has a small snowy top. It appears like Fuji-san Mountain inside Japan, Asia. Mountain Damavand dormant volcano is about eighty kms NorthEast of Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Damavand Iran whitened top and its particular lovely ordinary cloud cover could be the mainly attractive view of Iran peaks.

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