Trekking Mount Damavand
Hike plan to the biggest top in Persia. This lovely vast summit is concerning the most easily accessible vast 5670 m volcanic peak in the world. A frequently known prominent summit destination which typically is at (full) speed acquiring admiration with respect to climbing visiting station. Mt Damavand is also the greatest ski area for snowboarding in West-Asia and is a well liked place for winter sport interest.

Mount Damavand could be described as maybe the speediest 18600 ft on the globe to make sure you trek. The starting point campgrounds Poolor can be easily a couple of hours from TEHRAN’s IKA International Airport. In a simple timeframe leasure activities a person can possibly climb to the top and get a taste related with the natural beauties, taking in the sights and landscapes of this fact distinguished summit.

Hiking Mount Damavand
Mt. Damavand is a wonderful symmetrical cone volcano having a thin snowy top. It seems like Fuji-san Mountain within Japan, Asia. Mount Damavand dormant volcano is nearly eighty km’s North East of capital Tehran within the north Iranian plateau. Damavand Mountain white-colored summit and its stunning regular cloud top would be the almost attractive view of Iran mountain tops.

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