How to travel to Mount Damavand Iran?

Mount Damavand Road Map
Before you start your Damavand hiking, trekking or climbing tour, you need to know how to go to Mount Damavand Iran and travel to the best starting points of this beautiful mountain.
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Mount Damavand Iran, View from Mt Tochal
Mount Damavand Iran
View from Mt Tochal
Photo Ardeshir Soltani

Road Ways to Mount Damavand Iran
By reading this page you will decrease the cost and expenses and also the wasted time in your trip to Iran. This guidance is ideal for mountaineers, mountain tourists who travel individually and wants to trek the mountain without guide and only by themselves. Visit also Damavand Info.

The closest airport to Damavand mountain is IKA International Airport, it is about 146 km far from Polour campsite, the favorite starting point to the south and west climbing trails. Remember there is no direct public transport (bus, train, plane, metro) from the airport to the mountain. Therefore you have to travel to the area by car (taxi) or bus.

Generally speaking travelling the distance between IKA Airport and Polour village takes about 2-2.5 hours  (120-150 minutes), but it highly depends on your arrival date/time and the road traffic, traffic jams, especially on Haraz Road, which is the only access to the mountain. See also How to Hike Damavand.

Distance Tehran to Mt Damavand80 Km, 1.5-2 hours by car
Distance IKA Airport to Mt. Damavand146 Km, 2-2.5 hours by car
Distance Camp 1 to Camp 2 Base11.3 Km asphalt road + 6.4 Km gravel road -1 hour by car
Mount Damavand Quick Facts
Distance to Damavand trekking & starting point

How to go to Damavand Best Starting Point?
On the first day of your trip to Iran you can go directly from IKA airport or your hotel in Tehran to Polour Resort in Polour Village which is the starting points for Damavand south and west routes. Also from this area you may ask for a car to take you to the north east or north route sides. Read more about Polour Campsite.

How to go to Mount Damavand Iran?
Mount Damavand Road Map

Travel to Damavand by Taxi
You may take a taxi to transfer you to Polour Village either from IKA airport (by airport taxi) or any hotel in Tehran city (by Tehran taxi). Please kindly be aware that many taxi drivers may not know the exact location of this mountain campsite.

How to go to Damavand Mountain Best Starting Point?
Travel by car/airport taxi from IKA Airport or your Tehran Hotel:
to Haraz Road> Polour Village Junction > Polour Campsite> Mount Damavand South and West Route Starting points.
There is a clear sign on the Haraz Road at the Polour Village Junction, the statue of a mountaineer shows the direction!

In ordinary traffic hours, the journey may take about 1-1.5 hour from Tehran or 2-2.5 hours from IKA airport.
Make sure that your taxi driver knows your exact destination. Read Important Note.

Important Note
For your safety use only Tehran Taxi or Airport Taxi.
Please kindly be aware that many taxi drivers may not know the exact location of Polour mountain campsite!
First make sure that your taxi driver knows the exact destination. Among the taxi drivers always there is a misunderstanding between Damavand Mountain and Damavand City! Remind them that you want to go to Polour Village in Haraz road and not to the Damavand City!

How to go to Damavand by Metro?
If you want to go directly from IKA Airport to Mt. Damavand, travelling by metro is not a good idea, because it takes time. But for those who have enough time it is an option. There is no direct train from Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway to Mt Damavand! But you may use metro to go to the eastern part of Tehran and then take a taxi to the first campsite. Read more about Tehran Metro.
IKA Airport metro station is located in the first level of Terminal 1.

Although metro stands for a fast, easy and reliable mean of transportation, but it is not true for IKA airport.
Remember most flights from Europe arrive to Tehran late night but trains depart only from 07:30 am to 07:00 pm! 
Furthermore waiting times is very long, the trains depart from IKA airport every 70-80 minutes!
Note:  IKA metro works only in specific time schedule, not all hours.

IKA Airport Metro Station (It’s the red line on this map) -> change at Emam Khomeini to Blue Line (Line 2) ->
Go to the last station FarhangSara -> Then take a taxi to Polur Village and the mountaineering campsite as the starting point.

How to go to Damavand by Bus?
A cheap way is to go by bus, but there is no direct bus from airport or Tehran to this village. There is a major bus terminal in eastern Tehran called Terminal Shargh in Tehranpars area, at this terminal most buses go to the north of Iran through Haraz Road, you should leave the bus at Polour Village Junction and then get a local taxi to Camp 1 Polour.

Damavand Starting Point
Haraz Road Junction To Polour Camp Road Map

FAQ – How to go to Damavand by metro?
1- What are IKA airport metro operating hours?
The metro trains depart from airport only between 07:30 AM to 07:00 PM!

2- How frequent are the metro train departures from IKA?
Waiting times is quite long, the trains depart from IKA airport every 70-80 minutes!

3- How much is the price of a single metro ticket from IKA airport to Tehran city center?
At the moment (May 2021) a single ticket/fare costs 90,000 Iranian Rials (9000 Tomans) in local currency.
Please note, prices change in Iran rapidly!

4- How long does it take to travel from IKA airport to Tehran by metro?
The journey may take up to two hours.

Tehran to Polour Road Map

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