Hike Damavand

How to Hike Mount Damavand Iran?
A practical guide to hiking up Damavand in Iran. In this page you discover how to hike Damavand Mountain by finding the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) in this regard. Read more Damavand FAQ.

Hike Damavand

Damavand FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about hiking Damavand mountain Iran!
1- How long does it take to hike Mount Damavand?
2- What is the easiest route for hiking Mt. Damavand in Iran?
3- What’s the best time for Damavand hike?
4- Where is Damavand Mountain?

Hiking Damavand Mountain in Iran
Hiking Mount Damavand Iran
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1- How long does it take to hike Mount Damavand?
Generally speaking it take 3-5 days for hiking to the Damavand mountain summit. It is also possible to hike to the Damawand peak as quick as two days. And if you are strong enough you may climb Damavand just in a single day. The best itinerary for climbing Damavand is in 3-5 days. Visit Damavand Itinerary.

Mount Damavand Hiking Map
Mount Damavand Hiking Map

2- What is the easiest route for hiking Mt Damavand in Iran?
The easiest and the best route to reach Damavand summit is hiking from the south route.
Damawand south trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and downhill skiing.

Best Damavand hiking & most popular routeThe southern route
Best Damavand hiking seasonJune, July, August and September
Best Damavand Hiking itinerary3-5 days
Damavand Elevation (meters)5671 masl meters above sea level
Hike Mt. Damavand in Iran

3- What’s the best time for Mt Damavand Hike?
The recommended Damavand hiking season is between June and September, while winter months recommended only for very experienced mountaineers. The best time to hike Damavand peak is July and August. During this period the footpaths are usually free of snow, the weather is generally good and temperature is usually moderate and approach by public transportation to the base camp is easy. See also Damavand Timing.

4- Where is Damavand Mountain?
Volcano Damavand, At 5,671 meters above see level is located in the Alborz mountain range in north of Iran. It is the highest peak in Iran and is referred to as the “roof of Iran. Demavand is situated in Mazandaran Province, about 80 Km (by road) north east of Tehran.
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