The Grivel Clepsydra Twin Gate carabiner is a faster and safer locking carabiner. Ideal for delay and rappelling.

Faster because you do not have to adjust the waist time with a normal gate screw. Just open the outer gate to close it or the inner gate to open it and that’s it.

It is safer because it is always locked. There are no locking mechanisms that accidentally get stuck or open. When both gates are closed with springs, the carabiner is locked and tightened.

The Clepsydra has a locked gate at the bottom that prevents the carabiner from overloading when loading or rapping. This safety feature ensures that the carbine is loaded on its main shaft, which can withstand more than twice the force loaded on its partial shaft (22kN vs. 9kN).

Watch this video to see Grivel Clepsydra playing:


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