For safety, do not do this: SMS and delay

We spent the long weekend in Bohuslän, One of the best commercial destinations in southern Sweden. We saw a young climber, 15 or 16 years old, running alongside us. He had little or no protection. He stopped for a quick chat and we found out that this is the first time he is climbing.

The next day, we met again. I was 20 meters above the ground on the first shovel. The young climber was on an adjacent route. Her younger sister was late. I looked down to see him with a cell phone in his hand. The next time I looked down, he had no hand on the rope. I kindly informed him that what he was doing was not the best exercise. The soldier’s brother heard him and started shouting. “You looked strong,” he replied.
Jonas, by email

Lesson: It’s so shocking he literally texting and shoveling at the same time.

This is an issue that is raised again and again in this column. Usually, when safe people explicitly ignore the safety of their climber, they defend themselves by pointing out that they are using a brake assist device. This is not ideal yet, but the video here clearly shows a tube-style belay machine. If the climber slipped, if a supporter broke, if something went wrong, he would hit the ground. Biller must always be ready for anything, even if he looks solid. That’s why we have a boiler. I may be on a strong path, but that does not mean I want to release it individually.

The main problem here seems to be that the born does not treat the climb with the respect it deserves. Mountaineering is fun. Mountaineering is a sport. But mountaineering can kill you. It’s not like baseball where players can pay less attention than spectators and still perform well. The climb is serious. There is no delay between text messages. You pay full attention to your partner. If you do not want to do this, do not climb.

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