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Damavand Iran is a good shaped cone volcano which has a slim snowy summit. It looks like Mt Fuji within Japan. Volcano Damavand dormant volcano is placed about 80 kilometres NorthEast of capital city Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Mount Damavand whitened top and its particular gorgeous common fog up cover may be the almost appealing perception of Iran summits.

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Mount Damavand Iran

The best golf drivers for beginners or the highly disabled

There are fewer pleasures in life than getting a new driver. This is the second driver to use it for the first time Golf the period.

For those who are new to this game, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the dust covered by Wilson Staff or Big Bertha from the mid-90s and upgrade the large stick in your bag.

It is not always as easy as it seems. Drivers are the top single club tickets in your bag, so many manufacturers cash in on that.

In this post, we will talk about a handful of options designed for beginners and people with high disabilities. In thought. This alone may not make you scratch, but it will at least make you longer, and I hope you will be smoother on the tees.


Callaway Epic Max – generous but expensive

Elevators: 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, 12 degrees

Length / lie: 45.75 inches / 59 degrees

CC: 460

Price: $ 529.99 / 700 700

This option is the highest price on this list and for good reason. If money is not something, you can hardly find a better option for beginner golfers. The driver is designed with high throw and maximum forgiveness in mind.

Callaway claims that their Epic Max is the most generous driver in their club line. The first thing you will notice when you run this club is that even the bad guys travel more and more directly than you think.

One of the most intuitive parts of the club design is its adjustable weight mechanism. You often feel the need for an instruction manual to maximize the customization of weights in the drivers, but with Callaway sliding weighting, this is a breeze.

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Taylormade M6 – Adjustable and sleek

لفت: 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, 12 degrees

Length / lie: 45.75 inches / 56-60 degrees

CC: 460

Price: $ 349.99 /

Taylormade M6 Driver.jpg

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play well”?

Well, the R6’s visually appealing carbon fiber design certainly gives you the same level of confidence.

This driver, along with the patented Speed ​​Injected and Twist Face technology by Taylormade, checks all the boxes for any beginner. The M6 ​​is also one of the adjustable drivers on the market, with 3 standard attics, and you can also adjust the lie up to 5 degrees.

Many long-time amateurs play with this driver. Even if you are just starting out, the M6 ​​will close any gaps between you and your gaming partners.

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Callaway Rogue – Best on a Less Budget

لفت: 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees

Length / lie: 45.5 inches / 58 degrees

CC: 460

Price: $ 249.99 / وند 250

Callaway Rogue Driver.jpg

Callaway’s Rogue will be the budget option.

Do not be fooled, however, just because it comes at the lowest price does not necessarily mean that it lacks the technology to help improve your game. Boeing (True, the aircraft manufacturer) worked with Callaway to improve the Rogue aerodynamics, which helps speed up the head.

Jailbreak technology, which includes lighter titanium rods in the club body, also makes the driver lighter, which can lead to faster clutch for beginners.

When the ball leaves the club screen, you can not notice the difference, because it still feels warm like some drivers with higher prices in the market.

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Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo – Best for those who hit right

لفت: 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, 12 degrees

Length / lie: 45.75 inches / 58.5-60 degrees

CC: 460

Price: $ 399.99 / 0 280

Cleveland BH Turbo Driver.jpg

When you think of Cleveland GolfDrivers may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo is looking to change that. This will be perfectly combined with the most unique head design. A lot of thinking and skill has been introduced to the driver, and the design of the mentioned HiBore crown allows it to come to life.

You will see many things when you look at potential drivers About MOI (Moment of inertia). Simply put, this is how a knife stays flat throughout the swing. The higher the MOI, the more generous the driver. The HB Turbo has some of the highest MOIs you can find anywhere. With an internal tensile bias face, this is a great complement to beginner level swings that usually fit for three-way cuts.


Cobra Radspeed XD – Aesthetically pleasing

لفت: 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees

Length / lie: 45.55 inches / 57.5-58.5 degrees

CC: 460

Price: $ 449.99

Cobra Radspeed XD Driver.jpg

If flashy drivers are your favorite, Radspeed XD is your club.

The first thing you will notice is its bright yellow belly. If you are looking for a cutter, you will not find much better than the latest Cobra model. In cutting combat, Cobra wins, and Radspeed designs the lead. The best part about the Radspeed series is that it takes you on a natural journey to the XB models with a focus on lower disability and standard Radspeed models.

As you continue to grow your game, Cobra will grow with you and take your game above the three levels in each stage.

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As always, the most important thing is to stay away from the driver you are sure you use and enjoy playing with.

Having the right driver in your bag can easily turn your biggest responsibility (dreadful cut) into one of your game strengths and become a weapon, not a loss.

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