Mountaineering itinerary to the highest top in Iran. Mt. Damavand attractive great top is amongst the most easily accessible very big volcano in the world. A less-known prominent volcano target which typically is speedily gaining admiration with regards to mountaineering touring destination. Damavand Iran is also the giant ski resort for off-piste ski in West-Asia and is a favored target for winter campaign.

Volcano Damavand will perhaps the quickest 18600 feet in our planet to trek. The original encampments Polour would be simply just just 2 hours from Tehran’s IKA International Airport terminal. In a short timeframe holiday plans a person may advance to the top and additionally get a taste related the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this amazing distinguished mountain summit.

Volcano Damawand Iran
Mount Damavand is a wonderful symmetrical cone volcano having a small snowy top. This looks like Fuji-san within Japan. Mt. Damawand dormant volcano is placed nearly 80 kms North East of capital city Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Damavand Mountain white-colored top and its lovely common fog up cap will be the nearly interesting picture of Iran mountains.

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Aiden McNalty has been named head coach of the Irish women’s team

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Aiden McNulty has been appointed by the IRFU The new head coach of Ireland is seven women Before the HSBC 2022 World Seven Rugby Series.

McNalti was the interim head coach for the end of the 2021 campaign, leading Ireland to promising performances at the Rugby 7s and HPC International 7s at the end of the season.

McNowlett, who has been a performance development officer at Ulster Rugby since October 2019, will begin his role at the IRFU High Performance Center next week as the Irish team prepares to start the World Series in Dubai in late November / early December.

Commenting on the appointment, Anthony Eddie, IRFU’s seven-man rugby director, said: “I’m very happy for Aiden and the program because Aiden did a good job with the team at the end of last season.

He was very committed and invested in this role and his progress is suitable for doing this full time.

Aiden is a very good coach and has a good knowledge of the program and the team and has the skills to further develop the program and the game.

“I am very excited to be working with everyone involved in the Seven Irish Women’s program again,” McNalti said of his excitement after getting the full-time coaching job.

“As I have seen firsthand the potential and skill on the team, I am delighted to be tasked with challenging, challenging and supporting them in the future.”

The 2022 Women’s Series is on display Seven rounds in six months, Started with a series of competitions in Dubai.

The Dubai Sevens Emirates kicks off behind closed doors on November 26-27, followed by the second event on December 3-4 at The Sevens Stadium.

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