Mount Damavand
Trekking program to the tallest peak in Persia. Mount Damavand attractive very large volcanic peak is one of the most easily accessible towering 5670 meters above sea level mountain in the world. A undiscovered prominent summit destination which would be swiftly capturing acceptance with regards to snow boarding journeying target. Mt Damavand is also the towering ski slope for ski touring in Persia and is a popular area for sport task.

Damavand is very much presumably the rapidest in the world to trek. The base lodge Panagah Polor would be absolutely only 2 hours at Tehran’s IKA Int Flight destination. In a restricted timeframe holiday plans the public may advance to the volcano peak and as well as get a taste associated with the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this is what distinguished peak.

Mount Damawand
Volcano Damavand is a wonderful shaped cone volcano which has a slim snowy peak. That looks like Fujiyama in Japan. Volcano Damawand dormant volcano lies approx eighty kms North-East of capital city Tehran in the northern Persian plateau. Mount Damavand white-colored top and its particular wonderful regular cloud hat could be the almost desirable picture of Iran peaks.

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