Mount Damavand Iran
Mountaineering itinerary to the biggest top in Iran. Damavand substantial immense peak is one of the most easily accessible towering 18600 ft mountain in the world. A unfamiliar prominent mountain target which is without question swiftly obtaining acceptance with respect to trek touring target. Damavand is also the giant ski region for ski touring in the Middle-East and is a admired place for sport task.

Damavand Iran could be described as possibly the fastest 18600 ft on earth that can climb. The 1st panagah Panagah Polor can be easily only 2 hours far from Tehran’s IKA Int Flight destination. In a compact expression leasure activities somebody should trek to the volcano peak and as well as get a taste related with the natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of this is what distinguished mountain summit.

Mt Damavand is a good shaped cone volcano that has a slim snowy peak. It seems like Fuji-san Mountain in Japan. Mt Damavand dormant volcano sits about eighty kms North-East of capital Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Volcano Damavand light summit and its particular wonderful common cloud cap may be the mainly desirable look of Iran peaks.

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