Damavand Mountain
Climbing itinerary to the highest mountain in Persia. Mount Damavand Iran good-looking vast mountain is one of the most easily accessible enormous 18600 feet volcanic peak in the world. A frequently known prominent summit target which is without question rapidly winning welcome with regards to hike journeying goal. Damavand is also the biggest ski area for off-piste ski in Persia and is a admired target for winter hobby.

Damavand Iran is probably the swiftest 5670 m on earth that can trek. The first lodge Poolor would be absolutely 2 hours ranging from Tehran’s IKA Int Air port. In a compact expression program a person may hike to the mountain summit and as well as get a taste related with the natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of this distinguished volcano peak.

Volcano Damawand Iran
Damavand Mountain is an excellent symmetrical cone volcano that has a small snowy smt. That seems like Mt Fuji-san within Japan. Volcano Damawand dormant volcano is closely 80 km’s North East of Tehran within the northern Persian plateau. Mt. Damavand white-colored peak and its lovely common cloud cap will be the almost interesting look of Iran mountain tops.

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Carlo Traversi made the third ascent of the Flex Lottor, 5.15b

Carlo Traversi made the third ascent of the Flex Lottor, 5.15b

Carlo Traversi has made the third ascent From Flex Luther, 5.15b, located in Lonely Castle, near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. His ascent took place a month later Matthew Hong And almost 20 years after Tommy Caldwell first climbed the trail.

Although Caldwell never did Flex Luther One degree was widely considered 5.15, making it the first degree in the United States. After breaking several stops along the way, Hong upgraded it to 15b, adding that it was unclear how much the route had changed since its inception and how difficult it was when Caldwell made his first ascent.

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“It’s a very strange style, a completely gun-centric style,” Caldwell said. rock climbing “After Hong,” “I mean, you have a knee, you have a handcuff, you have to do all this crazy work. It’s not just grabbing a sloping wall and pulling hard. It’s like crawling off a wall. “It’s not really going down the road.”

“You have to accept the fact that you are going to be in a wrestling match up to 100+ feet.”
(Photo: Christine Adam)

Traversi first tried this route in 2015 with John Cardwell. “In 2015, John Cardwell and I tried several times to reach the anchor,” Carlo said. rock climbing. “Honestly, it felt awful. I was done Kryptonite [5.14d] Some time before my first attempt to Flex, And it was just a lot harder levels. More stable, complex and difficult sequences. The climb is also really slow and intentional, it is difficult to find the flow. “You have to accept the fact that you are going to be in a wrestling match up to 100+ feet.”

Traverse broke the path: an introduction of 5.13+, to a V12 boulder, to a vibration of the knee floor with bad grip, then a creepy V9. You rest afterwards – “Very good, but not great. Probably 5.15 to this vibration. Traversi estimates that the upper part of 14b relative to the chain consists of a series of complex boulders.

“The bottom line is definitely the V12 boulder,” says Traversi. This is the hardest and most stable part of mountaineering. But the last few moves are probably the red dot, at least for me. “If you are a little taller, you are probably a little less likely to let go.”

Traversi started the route last spring, but his progress was delayed due to the weather and the lack of a partner. Traversi returned to his home in Sacramento, California.

I didn’t really train this summer. It was hot everywhere and I was not very motivated. I climbed in the gym, but mostly just to maintain. In September, I started using myself a little more. I started doing longer circuits on the spray wall in my gym, The Boulder Field, and started trying to connect a lot of harder rocks in the gym with little or no rest in between. I felt good when I went to Colorado in early October, but only The Fortress can make you strong for The Fortress. “It took me a few weeks to really get in the best shape.”

Upon his return, Traversi worked the route with Hang and headed for the rock with Cardwell, who was testing a project they had previously closed. He also later shared the beta with Ethan Pringle. “Overall, we were interested in having a rotating crew of people,” Traversi said. Each has its own energy and motivation, and I appreciate anyone who spends a day with them in the castle.

Flex Luther It was the toughest traversal rope pass to date – last year he sent his first 5.15. Sympathy, In Tahoe, California. Traversi has also dropped the V16 (Inventory of the Black Lagoon, on National Rocky Mountain). While acknowledging that he did not have much experience in the 5.15 range, Traversi said he trusted Hong’s advice.

“I’m not much of a projector,” he said. “I tend to find things that I know take a little effort, but not a ton. It took longer than I was used to due to the weather and other factors, and I’m glad I was able to be optimistic despite the long effort. After a month, focusing on one thing is easy to start in your mind, and I’m really happy that I was able to persevere in my endeavor without enduring any mental fatigue.


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