Mount Damavand
Climbing plan to the biggest top in Iran. Mt. Damavand appealing very large top is amongst the most easily accessible massive volcanic peak in the world. A uncharted prominent volcanic peak goal which typically is swiftly acquiring welcome by skiing touring destination. Volcano Damavand is also the greatest ski destination for radonnée ski in West-Asia and is a well liked place for sport hobby.

Mt Damavand will apparently the quickest 5670 meters above sea level on earth that can climb. The to start off resort Polur is mearly just two hours ranging from Tehran’s IKA International Flight destination. In a quick expression holiday plans you is going to walk to the volcano peak and as well as get a taste associated with the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this amazing distinguished mountain summit.

Mt Damavand is a wonderful shaped cone volcano having a thin snowy top. That appears to be Fujiyama Mountain within Japan. Mountain Damavand dormant volcano is situated approx 80 kms North-East of capital city Tehran within the northern Persian plateau. Mount Damavand white-colored peak and its particular stunning ordinary cloud cover is the almost attractive picture of Iran summits.

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