Damavand Volcano is a great symmetrical cone volcano with a small snowy peak. It appears like Mt. Fuji-san in Asia. Mount Damavand dormant volcano is placed roughly eighty kms northeast of capital city Tehran within the north Iranian plateau. Damavand white peak and its particular gorgeous ordinary cloud top could be the nearly interesting perception of Iran mountains.

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Electronic Impact Zone: Is technology inevitable in any sport? And to what extent?

We have seen really positive examples of sports that boost technology Falcon eyes in cricket And tennis and goal-line technology have been very successful in football. Less is said VAR in football It’s better for me, although I agree that the euro was a positive step forward with the VAR. With the advancement of technology, it is felt that robots will become more and more influential in sports, as the margins of win or loss are very good and money in sports speaks loudly.

FoundationBall Has seen good use of technology before, and I like feedback. I think it works and it can be used well. My only criticism is that some decisions are too long. My personal view is that if a final decision is not made within 60 seconds (or possibly 30 in some cases), the decision remains on the field.

Take a look at Joe Panic’s double game for the Giants in Game 7 of the 2014 World Series, an amazing game in which the decision to go out on the field was overturned. This was the first example of this in the World Series games. In one of the hottest games, I ask you to take a look at this show (below) which is at its best at the elite level.

Technology has helped players search and develop, with Statcast and TrackMan technology being used to analyze players’ every move, including bat speed, spin speed, and absolutely anything else in the sun. I like to see data and technology being used to find the true value of players and help develop players, which can only be a good thing in my mind. This is very widespread Monetary thinking.

Experiments are underway to go a step further, using technology to summon cannons and shots to create an electronic attack zone that takes the task away from the referees.

Here, I will examine the reasons for and against it and share my views on this proposal.

For the electronic strike area

The clearest argument for e-strike zones is that they bring stability.

There is no refereeing variety and there is no in-game variety.

The strike zone is the strike zone and the strike zone is the rule book. I see that excellent lands do not receive the call they deserve because of the deception that is being done on earth. I know that fields with a lot of movement make it harder to call, but skill at this level should not be punished.

You will also find that kicks above the knee are not widely read, and some areas that are too far from the back door are often referred to as strikes, followed by strikes inside.

This is unfair to the attackers because they cannot cover the whole area. Every missed call brings incompatibility and frustration. I guess when every player in the area puts himself on top of the stage, we get more attention (but don’t be fooled, this is not always great), and now that we are in a critical season, the whole earth matters. One wrong call, change the count Which changes the approach of both parties. This is great.

When it comes to elite sports, unfortunately, you are not just dealing with elite athletes, coaches, managers and doctors, but also with business people who see an opportunity to make money.

When you talk about one of the best sports lines, and in baseball we can talk millimeters between the shot and the ball, every decision is important. Hitting or walking vitally, which ultimately makes the difference between winning and losing, and ultimately the difference between a few million dollars and millions of dollars more, if you have an amp robot, is not to blame for improper contact of balls and kicks.

Referee Robots – The Future?

A fixed impact zone provides fairness.

The area is the same for everyone and we know what that area is. This is very important in terms of what it brings to the sport, the gameplay and the sporting element. In terms of hit area, it becomes a fair and equal game. There is now the potential for injustice – and this will be eradicated with electronic sites.

But the most important point is the social role of electronic zones. It eliminates any subconscious bias that may exist or even conscious bias, but I hope not.

I have not noticed any biases or theories, but we all have subconscious biases, and when you are dealing with very difficult seconds and decisions, such as whether or not a 100 mph ball is in the corner, this storm is great. For subconscious bias to appear. This can lead to someone favoring pitchers or dough.

In a world of social injustice, the e-strike zone eliminates this possibility. This is certainly the most important thing, but you will never see it MLB Use this as a justification

The final argument in favor of the robot referee is that there will be far fewer dismissals and possibly fewer suspensions, meaning that we will lose the best players for fewer games.

We have seen this scene hundreds of times before: a border is called a strike and it is striking outside. The person in the bat starts joking with the home referee and his manager (whether he agrees with his player or not) asks for more to join the discussion than not to come out and say something worse than the striker to protect. Hitter, so that the manager is fired instead of the player.

MLB Ejections 2021

When that argument escalates or something disgusting is said, the referee’s inevitable turnaround and scoring are seen and take one or both out of the game. Suspension may follow. Struggles, injections and suspensions continue to occur in bumpers, dangerous slides, etc., but this reduces the number of times.

Technology is present in other aspects of the game, however, and is embedded in many sports, so why not make the most of it? If we have technology that makes it work, why not use it to improve or enhance the game?

Hearing the arguments for support, the robots that dictate the outcome of each match seem very convincing, don’t they? Your mind may be fully prepared. But every argument has two sides to consider, so we have to look at the opposite.

Against the area of ​​electronic strike

The biggest thing that traditionalists struggle with is the fact that the human element is missing from that aspect of the game.

Many refer to it as a good thing, but others say it’s an exciting element of the game, without knowing if the pitch is the right call or not. The human element argues, sparks, and allows us to shout on TV for a good reason.

For me, the skill of calling the ball and kicking is an amazing skill and so we have to embrace it. We do not want this art to become a lost art. We should also appreciate umps for their skill. Some question the standard of arbitration, but I think it is very high.

Lose incompatibility, lose the quarrels you have with your friends or on TV (when you are alone). Talking on TV Knowing that you and the professionals are right is a perverse and satisfying thing.

We all do this (some louder than others) with sports, referee / referee decisions, team selection and tactics. Knowing that you and others are right (firm tongue in cheek) is a satisfying outlet for which we all use exercise.

There is a skill in finding and matching the referee area.

Regions can vary from referee to referee, and regions can differ by similar refereeing in a game. Shooters and teams must work through the game to understand the referees’ imperfections, adjust the fine margins between balls and shots, and adjust the millisecond decision between swing and crack. Hard baseball

One of the considerations I have not heard commentators talk about is that we lose framing as a skill. This is a recent measure that has been measured and is a skill developed by hunters to try to buy the shots by pulling a ball close to the area of ​​the shot when it gets stuck so that the referee thinks it was a hit. Tone to tone.

While this can be seen as a hoax, it is a skill that has been developed and has saved many runs and created more blows. Like it or not, this is a valuable defense skill. An electronic zone eradicates this need and reduces the impact of a predator.

How low do we get with these levels? AAA? Low A? Independent ball? University Ball? Weekend leagues (obviously not)? It has to be cut at one point, and that basically changes the game from one level to the next.

It is great, on the one hand it gives independent and fixed decision and on another level it goes back to human judgment. It changes the way the pitchers move and how the bumpers approach the screen, and as described above, it changes the way the clamps work. This means changing the stage from one level to the next.

Should we use Robot Umpire?

Preliminary experiments have yielded different results, and I have seen some very suspicious films. From what I’ve seen and heard, this technology is trying to achieve accurate results by dropping a curved ball on top of the area. This land is very skilled, so in terms of stability it damages the ground at speeds beyond speed, so there may be no inclination to use that land.

This changes the game because it may change the arsenal of pitchers, and this is not true. I may be a little catastrophic there, but these issues need to be addressed.

I’m sure technology is improving and these are out of the question, but that means there are inconsistencies. If this is to be done, it must be 100% accurate and 100% accurate for any type of land in any part of the area.

“One has to make sure that the balls are balls and the shots are blows, otherwise what is the use? “We are back to incompatibility.” Dave White

There will be far fewer exits to deal with exactly what I said before! I know I’ve mentioned this before in the “for” section, but, let’s face it, layoffs are fun – and a little fun. Going back and forth between the referee and the player or manager, I wonder what they say to each other, and the kind of language used ends with the referee turning his arms around and throwing … You’re out of here!


There are strong arguments for and against the introduction of an electronic strike zone. If it was introduced, it would definitely change the game. I’m really confused! I like the traditional values ​​of the game and I think you lose the game character from the referee’s own areas, how to adjust the ball and bats and the skills that the hunters have to learn, as well as the extraordinary skills that the referees portray. Call the ball and hit.

However, I have recently seen many games with unforgivable decisions. One stays in my mind, Alk Mills (Throwing the ball to the puppies) threw a lovely 6-12 curve that completely deceived the striker and landed the plum in the middle of the area. It was called a ball, it had to be hit three times. This decision punished great skill, excellent performance and brilliant play by the thrower and management. Such land should be best rewarded.

The throws may be too fast, too moving, and too deceptive that the referees cannot maintain them, and the hunters are very good at framing the ground. An effective electronic area eliminates these errors.

Unfortunately, as soon as we have the perfect technology, I think it’s time to introduce it. But it must work without a doubt and for now …. I doubt it.

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