Mt. Damavand
Hiking program to the highest volcano in Iran. Mt. Damavand good-looking cosmic volcanic peak is amongst the most easily accessible towering 5670m mountain in the world. A unexplored prominent volcanic peak destination which is without question speedily getting approval with regards to trekking travelling goal. Mt Damavand is also the great vertical extent ski region for radonnée ski in Iran and is a favored area for winter sport task.

Mt. Damavand is certainly reasonably the promptest 5670 m on earth that can ascend. The starting point hostelbivouacs Poolour will absolutely just two hours from Tehran’s IKA Int Airport. In a simple term plan the public is going to trek to the volcano peak and as well as get a taste of the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this skill distinguished volcano peak.

Mount Damawand Iran
Damavand Volcano is a great shaped cone volcano with a narrow snowy peak. That appears to be Mt. Fujiyama inside Asia. Mount Damavand dormant volcano is about 80 kms North-East of Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Mt Damavand white-colored top and its particular lovely ordinary fog up hat is the almost beautiful view of Iran summits.

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