Mount Damavand
program to the highest peak in Persia. Mount Damavand Iran lovely very big volcanic peak is concerning the most easily accessible gigantic 5670 m volcano in the world. A little-known prominent mountain destination which is generally speedily capturing regard with regards to mountaineering travelling goal. Damavand is also the tallest ski slope for radonnée ski in the Middle-East and is a well liked area for winter task.

Damavand Volcano is maybe the firmest 18600 feet on earth to hike. The original campsite Polour is mearly just 2 hours from TEHRAN’s IKA Int Air port. In a quick term itinerary you should hike to the peak then get a taste associated with the natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of this fact distinguished summit.

Mt. Damawand Iran
Mt Damavand is a good shaped cone volcano having a narrow snowy peak. That appears like Mt Fuji-san inside Asia. Mt. Damavand dormant volcano is about 80 kilometres North East of capital Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Mount Damavand white-colored summit and its particular gorgeous ordinary fog up top would be the almost interesting look of Iran mountains.

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Great Olympic moments you may have missed – we gained them here

Great Olympic moments you may have missed - we gained them here

It may come as a surprise to hear that We are now four months away from our first Olympics, which is undoubtedly one of the most important moments in the history of the sport. And since the brilliant end of the Tokyo Olympics, we have seen the end of the World Cup season, the end of many North American trophies and the scoring of a multi-event national championship. Suffice it to say, the autumn has been a tumultuous one for mountaineering fans, and all steps have been taken to bring the summer Olympic tornado into the realm of nostalgia. I mean, do you remember the anticipation and excitement along the way for the Olympics, especially when Americans Brooke Rabuto, Keira Candy, Nathaniel Coleman and Colin Duffy punched their Olympic tickets? Remember the many behind-the-scenes updates that USA Climbing posted on Instagram, when those American competitors finally came to Tokyo to train in the days before the Olympics? Remember when all eyes were on Slovenian Jania Garnbert to see if she could live up to the Olympic expectations of becoming one of the greatest of all time? Good times, good times.

There were even more bizarre moments at the Olympics, such as confusion about where and how to watch the climb with plenty of live and streaming options. Especially for North American fans, there were some weird start times for the climb that required watching the dark eyes in the early hours of the morning. Hack, there was also a strange Olympic format, which combined speed, boulder and lead in a series of triads. Let’s not forget how controversial this mixed Olympic format was for many fans and athletes at first.

But all in all, the climbing events at the Tokyo Olympics did exactly what they had to offer: the sport’s first fun and captivating game, with great drama and unforgettable performances. Here are some highlights. This is not a comprehensive list, but all of these moments are more memorable now that we are a little distant from them.

  1. “Colin Colin” was born

The Olympics had a few clutches, but none of them were more important in the men’s qualifiers than Colin Duffy staying on the second boulder. Duffy turned from the slate pocket to the bottom press required at the top, but when the first attempt to get to the top failed, he fell back down from the area. Eventually, stubbornness paid off. Duffy tried again and was able to secure the top. As he did so, one commentator described Duffy’s face as a “mask of pain.” It was a show of strength and Olympic perseverance at its best.

Colin Duffy in Man No. 2 Combined Final. (: Jess Tally, John Glassberg / taller than 11)

What made it memorable? Duffy was a clutch in previous racing situations, but this Olympic post was undoubtedly the one with the largest and widest audience. Appropriately, just a few months later, he proved again that he is always very clutchy, as the only competitor to reach the final rock cliff in the US National Climbing Championships on his way to becoming a national.

  1. Mikael qualifies in a clinic

The fact that the French brothers Mickael and Bassa Mawem were the only brothers and sisters to win the Olympic pier on the first ascent provided a good introduction, but few experts expected Mickael, in particular, to be as good as him. To act (given that he was not repetitive. World Cup finalist in previous seasons). However, Michael was adept at qualifying for the Olympics, escaping an initial slip in the sprint (against Olympic gold medalist Alberto Guinness Lopez) to hit the second round boulder. “It could be good [Mickael Mawem’s] Games, ”one of the broadcast commentators correctly stated, a feeling that gained more credibility when Mickael hit the flash. Next Michael’s boulder was so good in the round boulder that he reached the final even before the start of the qualifying round.

What made it memorable? Mickael’s performance in the men’s qualifying round was described as “remarkable and excellent” in interpretation. All is correct. But Michael’s brother, Basa, was injured in the qualifying round and could not start in the final. So, everything Michael did was somehow more weighty, and it seemed that Michael’s next finals were a bitter tribute to his injured brother.

Mickael Mawem is a class teacher, third in Speed, first in Boulder and eleventh in Lead. Many did not see this happen. (: Rio Walkel)
  1. Alberto shocked the world by winning Speed

Every Olympics has amazing moments, and nothing was more amazing than Alberto Guinness Lopez, a Spaniard – far from being a speed specialist – winning the men’s final speed category. His dramatic journey began with a speedy victory over Colin Duffy, when Duffy made a mistake. In Jane Lopez’s next race, she overtook Adam Ondra with a winning time of 6.56 seconds – despite Ondra creating a new PR (7.03 seconds). In the final heat of the speed, a slight slip from Tomoa Narasaki’s opponent from Japan allowed Jinnes Lopez to win and record a better speed in 6.42 seconds.

What made it memorable? Winning the sprint was crucial for Jean Lopez and eventually winning the Olympic gold medal. The fact that Jean Lopez’s victories in the Speed ​​Heat were largely the result of his opponents’ mistakes – Duffy’s start, Narasaki’s slip – became a major issue in post-Olympic analysis. But all this was part of the unpredictability of the sport. Anyone can win every day, and Jeannes Lopez photographed it in Tokyo.

Alberto Jeans L لوpez, the surprise winner of the men’s sprint final at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. (: Jess Tally, John Glassberg / taller than 11)
  1. Nathaniel holds fingers for ages

The men’s final boulder section consisted of a smooth, half-baked boulder that saw six procedures. But anyone who tuned in after such many climbs missed the moment of star formation on the second boulder. Running and jumping between the three volumes, the boulder showed a complex coordination movement at the top that no competitor except Coleman could manage. The key to Coleman’s success on the rock was that he was fully extended with his right toe at the exact moment of the throw for the upper handle. Unlocking this delicate beta and getting the climb was adrenaline-fueled for a few seconds, saving the stone from overcooking.

What made it memorable: Coleman’s solo ascent of this second boulder was undoubtedly a vital component of his final Olympic silver medal. But even if there were no consequences on the Olympic podium, the toe movement was a wonderful demonstration of the harmony that young climbers should study.

Nathaniel Coleman won the silver medal during his excellent performance in Boulder, where he won first place. Photo: Ryu Voelkel (: Rio Walkel)
  1. The world record is coming down

The Olympic Highlighting Ring No sport would be complete without breaking a world record. For climbing fans, this happened in the women’s final speed category, when Poland’s Alexandra Miroslav broke her previous world record (6.97 seconds) with a new record of 6.84 seconds. An important moment occurred during Miroslav’s match against Frenchman Anouk Joubert. Of course, given that Jayber and Miroslav are both speed experts, a quick win time was expected. But Miroslav’s 6.84-second lightning strike from the wall was faster than anyone had anticipated.

What made it memorable? Miroslav needed a good dance partner in the competition, and he found one in Giber. In fact, Jaeber defeated Miroslav from the beginning. Maybe that small, initial hole will give Miroslav enough motivation to go down, push even harder, and hit something extra for the rest of the climb.

Anouck Jaubert and Aleksandra Miroslaw congratulate each other. Photo by Jess Tally and John Glassberg from Louder than Eleven.
  1. Brooke is related to Janja

The women’s boulder section was not the most exciting in the final. Most of the round was empty, and the three boulders were overcooked on most of the ground. The tough set allowed Janja Garnbert to prove why many consider her the best player in history, as she was the only woman to top the two boulders. But it should not be forgotten that Brooke Rabuto was a rival who came close to Garnbert in boulder scores. Rabuto managed to place both his hands on the first boulder, and when his left foot came off the ground, he could hardly control the holder. He was close to topping the second wedge and press, gaining an area that outperformed most of his other competitors on the third board.

What made it memorable? Rabuto finished second in the Boulder final, proving to be a fun (and much needed) rival to Garnbret in terms of entertainment. Garnbert and Rabuto’s collective progress on the boulders kept the distance interesting, and Robuto moved the larger star away from the boulder.

Brooke Rabuto has been a major expert in general, but his moments of defeat were in bouldering. (: Rio Walkel)
  1. Olympic tears are shed

While we are on the subject of Garnbert, how can we choose the best Olympic moment for him, when the whole Olympics were such a master class? He finished fifth in the not-so-ideal position in the final speed category, beating the boulder section by two peaks. He then won the lead and climbed almost two points above his nearest rival. Maybe it’s better to simply shed the tears of joy that Garnbert’s victory on the Olympic podium. Tears seemed to embrace all the great moments and all the sacrifices and practices they had before.

What made it memorable? Garnbert shared with silver medalist Miho Nonaka – a good friend on the track – and Akio Noguchi, an old idol, on the podium. When all is said and done, these three women will be recorded as some of the best and most popular competitors in the sport in history.

At the end of the final, Janja Garnbert won gold, Miho Nonaka (left), where his teammate Akiyo Noguchi went home with a bronze. (: Rio Walkel)


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