plan to the highest top in Iran. Damavand Mountain good-looking great summit is one of the most easily accessible towering 5670 masl volcanic peak in the world. A undetected prominent peak station which would be at (full) speed gaining favour with regards to snow boarding travelling target. Damavand is also the highest ski region for backcountry ski mountaineering in West-Asia and is a favored target for winter entertainment.

Damavand Mountain is presumably the fastest 18600 feet on the globe up to climb. The 1st hut Poolour is just only 2 hours far from Teheran’s IKA Int Air port. In a restricted timeframe leasure activities the public will probably ascend to the volcano peak and as well as get a taste on the natural beauties, sightseeing and tour and landscapes of this is what distinguished top.

Damavand Iran is a good symmetrical cone volcano with a narrow snowy top. That appears to be Mt. Fujiyama inside Asia. Volcano Damavand dormant volcano sits about 80 kms NorthEast of capital Tehran within the northern Persian plateau. Damavand Iran light peak and its particular wonderful ordinary fog up top may be the most interesting look of Iran mountains.

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Leinster v Bath – Preview, Teams, Chances, Where to Watch

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Leinster kicks off this season’s European Championships by welcoming Bath to Aviva Stadium on Saturday afternoon at 3:15 p.m.

The two teams are at odds and draw – Leinster have lost just one of their last seven games, while Bath has not won a game yet and has lost nine times in a row to start the season.

The shape of the Irish provincial costume is due to the synergy they have developed over the years, and now with a full team at all times of the year, they are reaping the rewards of their past spins.

The forwards are currently 21 defenders ahead of the defenders in nine attempts for the Pro14 champions, but they are doing so because they are entering the offensive phase in a wide range of situations – for example, Hooker Dan Sheehan’s attempt against Connacht.

Bath, on the other hand, have had leaked attempts and it is clear that their chemistry is not acceptable, especially when holes appear in the defensive line several times in each game they have played.

They have scored 297 points so far this season – an average of 33 points per game – and 142 of those points in two games against Gloucester and Saracens, but Lanster have never scored more than 56 points. The opponent has not won his future.

However, Bath are good at breaking their opposing lines and their attack has benefited from this – 18 times per break is jointly the third highest in the Gallagher Premier League.

Three Leinster players have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and as a result are unable to line up for their team, but nevertheless a strong team has emerged.

Six Bath players will win their first Champions League game at the opening weekend of this season.



15. Hugo Keenan (35)
Jordan Larmore (66)
13. Gary Ringros (91)
12. Farauli planets (41)
11. James Lowe (56)
10. Ross Berne (110)
9. Jamison Gibson Park (105)

1. Andrew Porter (81)
2. Ronan Kalhor (29)
3, Tadhg Furlong (117)
4. Ross Moloney (122)
5. Ryan Bird (33)
6. Reese Witherspoon (195) Captain
7. Josh Van der Flair (103)
8. Kilan Doris (44)


16. Dan Sheehan (18)
17. Cyan Haley (237)
18. Michael Alalatova (6)
19. Duin Toner (270)
20. Max Degan (70)
21. Luke McGrath (157)
Jimmy O’Brien (37)
23. Tommy O’Brien (12)



Leinster 1/200

Lottery 70/1

Bath 35/1

Where to watch

This game will be broadcast on TV BT Sport And beIN Sports. Coverage starts at 3 p.m.

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