Mount Damavand Iran
Climbing itinerary to the tallest volcanic peak in Iran. Mt. Damavand pretty great volcanic peak is amongst the most easily accessible very large 18600 feet volcano in the world. A uncharted prominent volcanic peak destination which is generally quickly earning attraction for climbing visiting destination. Damavand is also the towering for ski expedition in the Middle-East and is a well liked destination for winter activitiy.

Mt. Damavand will perhaps the swiftest 18600 ft in our planet to ascend. The 1st shelter Polur is without a doubt just two hours at Teheran’s IKA Int Air port. In a quick expression itinerary somebody will probably advance to the volcano peak and get a taste of the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this distinguished volcano peak.

Mount Damawand Iran
Damavand Iran is a great symmetrical cone volcano having a narrow snowy top. That seems as if Mount Fuji within Japan, Asia. Mt. Damawand dormant volcano sits about 80 kms North East of capital Tehran within the northern Iranian plateau. Mt. Damavand whitened top and its particular wonderful regular fog up hat would be the mainly appealing sight of Iran summits.

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