Damavand Mountain
Hike program to the biggest summit in Persia. Damavand Mountain Iran good-looking immense volcano is amongst the most easily accessible gigantic 5670 meters above sea level peak in the world. A undetected prominent volcano target which is generally at (full) speed gaining acceptance by trekking touring destination. Damavand Iran is also the great vertical extent ski area for ski-touring in the Middle-East and is a well liked target for winter sport interest.

Mount Damavand Iran is certainly apparently the rapidest in the world to climb. The first panagah Panagah Polor will absolutely only 2 hours at TEHRAN’s IKA Int Airport. In a simple timeframe plans somebody may walk to the peak plus get a taste associated with the natural beauties, taking in the sights and landscapes of this skill distinguished top.

Volcano Damawand
Mt Damavand is an excellent shaped cone volcano with a slim snowy peak. This seems as if Mt Fuji in Japan. Mt. Damavand dormant volcano sits closely eighty kilometres north-east of capital city Tehran in the north Persian plateau. Mt Damavand white-colored summit and its particular lovely regular cloud hat may be the mainly interesting picture of Iran peaks.

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Mountaineering and outdoor news from here and abroad – 11/25/25

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is one of the biggest weekends of the year for mountaineering in certain areas. These include Rock Smith, Red Rock Valley, Joshua Tree National Park, Moab, Indian Creek and many more, which usually have good weather at this time of year.

If you do not have a camping reservation and do not have an accommodation plan and you plan to visit one of these areas, make sure you have a backup plan.
And be careful …! Accidents often increase on long weekends …

North West:

Glacier Creek Road (FR 39), which provides access to the north of Baker Mountain, is about 3.7 miles long. This is an intense wash. In addition, the road used to access the Shannon ridge on Mount Shoxan is severely eroded. It is still passable, but at the 0.7 mile marker, 1.2, if we have another serious weather event, the road can move.


–My San Antonio reported that, “Three Yosemite camps – Tuolumne Meadow, Bridalveil Creek and Flat Crane – will be closed as they will undergo extensive renovations. There will be camping at all three sites during the Tuolumne Meadow closure.” “Look at the longest closure, because the National Park Service says it will be closed by 2024 or even by 2025. It has seven group sites and four horse sites. It serves 141,000 visitors a year.” For further reading, click here.

Here is an interesting piece In the search and rescue team of Tahoe Nordic.
Southwest Desert:

– In an unusual move, Joshua Tree National Park closed the classic Heart of Darkness (5.11a) route due to poor anchors. Closing is likely to be short-lived. For further reading, click here.

Caustic (5.11b) is a classic line in the Calico Basin.
Photo by Caden Martin
There is a Change.Org petition asking the Las Vegas BLM not to start parking fees in Calico’s Red Rock Canyon. The policy of charging people for parking can really make more people park on the side of the road and create more problems for homeowners in the area. To read more and sign,click here.
In the news of Tommy Caldwell and Alex Hanold, they recently performed the first iteration of What Dreams May Come (5.13, 10-Pitches) in the Red Rock Canyon National Reserve. While researching this post, I found out that there is another track in Red Rock with the same name which is only 5.6. For further reading, click here.
Colorado and Utah:

From the Colorado Sun: “It was not long ago that ski slope operators lost their sleep due to snowfall. “With deeper housing, the number of workers is declining and the number of elevator lines is increasing, which is a constant concern over the snow, and the potential threat of an increase in cases.” For further reading, click here.

–Snowbrains reports that “Park City Ski Professional Tour Association (PCPSPA) has met with representatives from City Mountain Mountain, UT, and Will Resorts since August 2020 to discuss a new contract. The current contract covers about 200 skis. “The patrol and mountain safety personnel expired in November 2020. As the opening day of the 2021-22 season approaches, the union hopes to conclude a contract that will lead to a decent wage for professional staff.” For further reading, click here.
– There is a lot of plastic in your ski. And as we know, plastic is part of our environmental problem. In the WNDR stages of alpine skiing. In an effort to reduce plastic in the world, the company is making algae skis. For further reading, click here.
Notes from around the world:

– The United States Senate unanimously endorsed Chuck F. Summers III as the first Native American to serve as its 105th National Park Service Director in its 105th year. A member of Cayuse and Walla Walla, the tribes, which are part of the Confederation of Umatilla Indians, will be the first NPS-approved director since 2017, as the agency has since been led by interim directors. click here.

“Interior Minister Deb Hollande today formally launched a process to investigate and replace derogatory names with geographical features of the country. He also called squaw a derogatory term and instructed the board to “Racist terms have no place in our colloquial language or in our federal territories. The lands and waters of our country should be places of celebration.” “Today’s actions are accelerating the important process of reconciling the letters of humiliating places and are an important step in honoring the ancestors who have supervised our lands since time immemorial.” click here.

– The American Safe Rock Climbing Association has launched a fundraiser to replace bolts and nuts. “There are tens of thousands of screws in the United States that need to be replaced immediately, and hundreds of thousands of screws that need to be replaced in the years to come. “The average cost of resuming a single sport climb is more than $ 100.” For further study and funding, click here.
– And finally, in an effort to increase safety through the Kumbu icy waterfall on Mount Everest, a couple of people may be using via ferra to create their work around. To read about it, click here.

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