Mount Damavand
Trekking itinerary to the biggest volcanic peak in Persia. Damavand fantastic very big summit is one of the most easily accessible enormous 18600 feet summit in the world. A undetected prominent volcano destination which is generally rapidly securing favour with regards to mountaineering touring target. Mt. Damavand is also the biggest ski slope for snowboarding in Iran and is a admired place for sport campaign.

Damavand Iran will maybe the speediest in the world up to walk. The 1st hut Poolor is without a doubt mearly just two hours at TEHRAN’s IKA International Airport terminal. In a compact term plans a person is going to ascend to the summit then get a taste related the natural beauties, sightseeing and tours and landscapes of this fact distinguished volcano peak.

Volcano Damawand
Damavand is a great symmetrical cone volcano which has a small snowy smt. It appears like Fuji-san Mountain inside Japan. Mount Damavand dormant volcano sits closely eighty kms North East of capital Tehran within the north Persian plateau. Volcano Damavand bright top and its wonderful ordinary cloud cap could be the mainly appealing picture of Iran peaks.

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Latest Sport News
Mountaineering and outdoor news from here and abroad – 12/21/16

North West:

–SnowBrains reports that “a 66-year-old man was killed and five others were injured after an avalanche at their party outside Crystal Mountain Resort, WA. One meter of snow had fallen in the area in the past 24 hours. It was 100 miles per hour. ” For further reading, click here.
–Snowbrains reports that professional skier Carl Fostudet was skiing with his friend Harlan in Sun Valley, Idaho when a deer came up in front of him and caused him to be beaten and killed. “It was heard that the deer’s neck was shaken when they collided. Harlen was miraculously unharmed, and as he brought the deer down to the ski slope, he carried the deer on his shoulders and climbed off the mountain. To read more and watch the video, click here.
–CBC reports that “A Victoria-based mountaineer has decided to resign from the national mountaineering team due to the weather effects of the competition and his moral dilemma in representing a country with a history of indigenous oppression. Tosh Shirkat, 23. “He has been climbing since he was a child. At the age of 13, he moved to Vancouver Island from Nelson, British Columbia, to join a professional rock climbing academy.” For further reading, click here.
–And finally in our PNW, something a little lighter … oh. Hitler


–Snowbrains reports that “it’s been three months since the Caldor fire broke out in three cities of Eldorado, Amador and the Alps, covering more than 200,000 hectares. The fire destroyed thousands of homes and structures and destroyed Ski areas were damaged, such as Sierra-at-Tahoe, and several people were injured, following a joint investigation by the Dorado District Attorney’s Office, the USDA Forest Service, Cal Fire, the California Department of Justice, and the Sacramento District Attorney’s Criminal Laboratory. Announced the arrest of suspects in the fire. click here.

In more disappointing news, Sierra snow may be gone in the next 50 years. To read about it, click here.

Southwest Desert:

–The US Department of State reports that “National Park Service Special Officers are working with the Investigative Services Branch to identify potential female victims of covert health recordings on the outskirts of Grand Canyon National Park. In September 2020, visitors Park at Phantom Ranch reported that a maintenance worker confessed to using them while using the toilet, and was subsequently fired and taken out of the park. There is no evidence that these images were shared or distributed by the suspect. click here.

– A move is on the way to Spirit Mountain and Christmas Tree Passport In Nevada, a new national monument. The Christmas Tree Pass is home to a number of rock climbers with joshua-like cliffs. For further reading, click here.

Colorado and Utah:

So scientists at the University of Colorado, Boulder, want to study people who exercise during stoning. They write jokes themselves. For further reading, click here.

Just outside this frame, dozens of people are waiting to be caught
Photos in front of the delicate arch in Arches National Park.

– In 2022, you will need a reservation to enter the Arches National Park. For further reading, click here.

–SnowBrains reports that “Cottonwood Valley, near Salt Lake City, Utah, has had a growing traffic problem that has become increasingly apparent in recent years. Latest Insight Survey on Local Utah Opinions In the case of improvements, real alternatives have been proposed, limited to two main options: a cable car via the valley and an improved bus transportation system, with only 20% of respondents choosing the cable car. While 60% said they would prefer to upgrade the bus infrastructure, the high cost of the two proposals is a deterrent: for many, the cost of building the cable car is about $ 592 million and the cost of the bus system is more than $ 510 million. For further reading, click here.
Notes from around the world:

Outside Business Journal reports that “Patagonia has won the State Department Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE) in Climate Innovation.” “They are an example of American values ​​and international best practices.” “Patagonia is known for its conservation activities in the Patagonia area of ​​the same name in Argentina and Chile. For further reading, click here.
–Nevada Current reports that “the Office of Land Management announced plans Tuesday to relocate senior leadership posts from the former Grand Junction National Headquarters, Kolo, to Washington, D.C. The Deputy Chief of Operations will return to Washington, DC. Joining Tracy Stone Manning, director of BLM and deputy director of policy and program, already based in the capital, most assistants and deputies, a total of eight, will return to DC with 30 senior vacancies, for a total of about 100 Positions will be deployed in DC “To read more, click here.

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