Mount Damavand
Damavand Volcano is an excellent symmetrical cone volcano with a thin snowy top. This appears like Mt Fuji within Asia. Mount Damavand dormant volcano lies closely eighty kms North-East of capital Tehran in the northern Persian plateau. Volcano Damavand white top and its particular stunning common fog up cover would be the nearly appealing sight of Iran peaks.

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Mount Damavand Iran

Nono seems to be afraid of the Spurs bench, the Manchester United players have to stop and Joshua King is chasing Goodison Park.

Substitution has been allowed in the English League since 1965, but perhaps no one told Nono Espreito Santo. The Tottenham boss has been strangely reluctant to use his bench in recent weeks, and even waited until the 84th minute to make changes as his team slept to lose to West Ham. Even if people like Dale Ali and Steven Bergwin have struggled to shine recently, a worrying gap is opening up between the first team and the rest. Nono’s persistent stubbornness, meanwhile – “the game was under control,” he explicitly explained, is unlikely to make him a fan favorite. Jonathan Liu

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