Mount Damavand
Hiking itinerary to the highest top in Iran. Mt. Damavand substantial enormous mountain is amongst the most easily accessible vast 5670 meters above sea level mountain in the world. A unfamiliar prominent volcano station which would be swiftly capturing welcome with respect to hike journeying station. Damavand Volcano is also the high-rise ski destination for ski mountaineering in Persia and is a admired place for sport activitiy.

Damavand Iran is very much reasonably the swiftest in our planet to hike. The 1st campgrounds Polour is absolutely two hours at TEHRAN’s IKA Int Airport terminal. In a immediate expression leasure activities the public should ascend to the summit and get a taste associated with the natural beauties, taking in the sights and landscapes of this distinguished peak.

Volcano Damawand
Volcano Damavand is a great symmetrical cone volcano having a slim snowy smt. That appears like Mount Fuji within Japan, Asia. Mountain Damawand dormant volcano is situated about 80 km’s NorthEast of Tehran within the north Iranian plateau. Damavand Mountain white-colored peak and its lovely ordinary cloud cover is the almost beautiful sight of Iran summits.

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