Mt. Damavand
plan to the biggest volcano in Iran. Damavand Mountain Iran good-looking towering top is one of the most easily accessible very large volcano in the world. A undetected prominent peak station which is quickly getting regard by ski touring visiting station. Volcano Damavand is also the most elevated ski region for ski touring in West-Asia and is a favored target for sport campaign.

Mt. Damavand Iran will apparently the promptest 18600 feet in the world up to hike. The base camp Polur can be only two hours at Tehran’s IKA International Air port. In a quick timeframe holiday plans a person should advance to the volcano peak and get a taste related the natural beauties, taking in the sights and landscapes of this distinguished summit.

Volcano Damawand
Damavand is a good symmetrical cone volcano which has a thin snowy top. This seems like Mount Fuji within Asia. Mt Damavand dormant volcano lies approx 80 kms NorthEast of capital city Tehran in the northern Persian plateau. Mt Damavand whitened peak and its beautiful regular cloud cap is the most desirable look of Iran peaks.

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