Mt Damavand
Damavand Iran is an excellent symmetrical cone volcano that has a small snowy summit. That looks like Fuji Mountain in Japan. Mountain Damavand dormant volcano is approx eighty kilometres north east of capital Tehran in the north Iranian plateau. Mt Damavand bright top and its beautiful common cloud cap could be the nearly beautiful perception of Iran mountain tops.

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Mount Damavand Iran

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Jürgen Klopp praised the young players who played for Liverpool against Preston North in the fourth round of the Carabao Cup.

Liverpool advanced to the quarter-finals after a 2-0 victory in a match in which the two young players won their first game for the senior team and the others played from the bench.

The German coach was once again impressed by 18-year-old Tyler Morton, who had previously made his debut for the club in the third round of the competition against Norwich City.

Morton made his debut for the team in a three-point midfield and his passing and vision helped Liverpool build their chances and find the back of the net.

It is clear that Tyler is a real talent, a real smart footballer. You can see this. ” The club said After the race. “His natural movements, natural situations, are really good, so he’s a real smart football guy and his technique is really good.

Now we have to make sure that we help him gain a body for football – he is neither too small nor too thin, but there is still a little bit left and we have to prepare him for all this. “It had a very positive effect again tonight.”

Harvey Blair was sent off in the first half after Liverpool tried to create a series of chances, but Connor Bradley came on in his place and pushed Neko Williams to the right wing.

The Northern Irish right-back performed well and Williams shone in his new role.

The upcoming national holiday club sees these young people as an opportunity to prove themselves.

«Elias [Dixon-Bonnar (substitute)]For example, it did just that. In his last international break, he was incredible.

He’s been to the club for a long time, but he really wasn’t on the radar – and now all of a sudden he’s there. He deserved these three or four minutes tonight.

For a young boy, playing his first game for the first team is a big thing and I am really happy for him that we were able to give him this opportunity.

So, there is always room for these young boys. It is clear that Owen Beck was very impressed in the pre-season, as was Connor. It is good to have them.

“The problem is in the international holidays, some of which are on tour with national teams, so they can’t train with us. But others can, and that’s good.”

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