Miho is an Olympic silver medalist نوناکا With his red score, he has jumped one and a half points Mr. Hyde (8c + / 5.14c) in Céüse, France.

Although Nonaka certainly could have climbed the ladder sooner or worked harder in the interim, he was competing globally. After winning second place in this Summer Olympics, Nonaka spent some time in plastic and dedicated himself to climbing the iconic blue and gray limestone of the Sessa line. It was there that he realized that the last time he worked hard outside the home was at age 14, in Rifle, CO, when he first climbed 5.13a.

rock climbing Nonaka, 24, was contacted by email to learn more about her ascent.

Climb: You can explain Mr. Hyde?
Nonaka: Mr. Hyde It consists of three boulders between which there is a good rest. Even if there is good rest, you insert a large amount of pump to enter the final boulder, which moves around two powerful movements from a small edge to a sharp but good pocket.

At what stage was your process? Mr. Hyde Like? How did you feel at first?

Most of the movements seemed very difficult at first. I felt that I was far from being sent, so I never thought of sending the route on this trip. But the more I tried to figure out the path, the better I got off the cliffs. I was soon able to find the right stream. The process I made was not as difficult as I expected, so I was a little confused and excited at the same time. So everything went smoothly and I sent it in about seven days in total.

What was the hardest part of the project process for you?

I lack endurance and endurance, so it was difficult for me to recover while climbing and climbing high walls.

What is the biggest difference between outdoor and indoor climbing for you?

Outdoors, you can find ways to solve problems that require more puzzle solving skills, while indoor climbing requires special techniques or more physical strength.

Was it difficult to translate your inner strengths and skills into rock?

No. My mountaineering style and physical strength, which I gained over the years of indoor experience, definitely helped me in some rocky trails such as Mr. Hydeto the

What’s next for you? More rock? More matches?

I have a lot of motivation for both but I want to send V15 and V16 boulders.

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