On June 22, rangers approached Little Taohmeh from Camp Muir. Passing under the Anvil Rock was straight across the Gowlitz and Ingraham Glaciers. The climb from Ingraham to the Whitman Glacier shows approximately 100 inches of loose, exposed rocks.

View of the Ingraham Glacier with the Cowlitz Glacier and Camp Muir along the horizon.
Departure from Ingerham to reach Whitman in about 8600 minutes.

Looking at the Ingraham Glacier from Whitman.

The standard method is from Fryingpan Creek to Meany Crest and on the Fryingpan refrigerator.
Look north at Meany Crest, Fryingpan and K Spire.

Little Tahoma from Camp Schurman.

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