traveltoiran-iranexploration-damavand-ski-touring-02.jpg ... In addition, Bal’ami noted in his book that Kay Khosrow, a legendary king of Iran of the Kianian dynasty, Mount Damavand Trekking Tours Iran went to Mount Damavand after renouncing the throne and ascension to heaven. Bal’ami mentioned in his book, entitled Tarikh-e Bal’ami, that the residence of the legendary king Keyumars, the first king of the Pishdadian dynasty of Iran, was Mount Damavand. During the reign of the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran, the figure of Mount Damavand was designed in the middle of the official emblem of Iran. Experience winter sports for ski touring, winter mountaineering, Alpine ski and snowboarding to Iran ski resorts, we support you with the best qualified Iranian ski guides. In 905, an Iranian reached the summit of Damavand as the first climber. For more on Mount Damavand Iran Travel visit our web site. Recent researches revealed that in ancient times, some people reached Damavand Peak in different ways. Iranians celebrate Damavand National Day every year on July 13th. The celebration has also reached the national record.

koryaksky volcano, kamchatka, winter, snowy mountains, snow, frosty morning, nature, landscape, cold, winter forest, mist - Pikist According to the national divisions in Iran, Mount Damavand is located in Amol area of Mazandaran Province. The desert is a large salt desert, and actually the world’s 27th-largest desert with an area of 51,800 square kilometers (20,000 square miles). Because of its special location, the area overlooks a forest on the north, and the mountains with the same border with a desert, Mount Damavand Climbing Tour on the south. Following some time to acclimatize in the mountains above Tehran we head to the south side of the mountain. This Mount is located 26 kilometers northwest of Damavand City, 62 kilometers southwest of Amol City, and 69 kilometers northeast of Tehran City. Elevated slopes of mount Damavand can be a bit challenging for some amateur climbers; however, is still feasible for most people with proper acclimatization and suitable gear. However, the slope is milder. On this route, the slope of the end of the path is relatively steep. We’ll pick you up from its lobby, take you to a variety of Iran tours, and in the end take anywhere you wish. There are several routes to take to get to the top of Mount Damavand.

Snow Leopard; an indicator of mountain ecosystem There are 2 bivouacs on the northern edge at the height of 4000 and 5000 meters. The toughest is the northern face. Mount Damavand is located in northern Iran. From afar, we can see the Caspian Sea in the north and the central desert of Iran in the south. Base Camp is located in Nandal village at 2300m which is the first resting place for Damavand tours, after a transfer in dirt road by 4WD vehicles climbers will reach to the trekking start point of the North East face at 3000 m then ascending to the Advanced Camp at 4350 m. Also, from the top of Alamkuh peak, there is a better view of Damavand summit and the shores of the Caspian Sea in the north. There are three camps on the southern route. At various altitudes of Mount Damavand, there are plenty of plants, some of which can be seen only at a certain height. In addition, there are some famous waterfalls in Damavand. There are 7 parapets and shelters built so far on the main climbing paths of Damavand. The major feature of this waterfall is that the ice never melts there. The height of this waterfall is 7 meters.

Mount Monadnock (circa 1918) Its height is 4,375 meters. The topographic prominence of Damavand (summit height toward the lowest valley) is 4,667 m. The summit height is 5,610 meters above sea level. At an altitude of 2,000 to 3,500 meters high, Mount Damavand Climbing Tour poppy flowers cover the hillsides of Mount Damavand. Ascent with guide of Mount Damavand in Iran. If you loved this report and you would like to acquire additional data regarding Mount Damavand Treks kindly visit our page. Image of Mount Damavand Iran. Every year, people collect the remains of snow on the slopes of Mount Damavand in the spring dump it in a pit. This route has steep slopes at the ends, making the climbing difficult. Trekking, Mt Damavand Trekking Tours climbing and ski touring Mt Damavand. The best season for Damavand Ski Touring is from November to April. We try to provide you all the necessary information about Iran Trekking and hiking tours, like the description of the area, itinerary details, tour price, tour guide, and the best season for climbing or organizing the private tour. Apart from taking perfect photos of the highest summit in the whole middle east area, the highest potentially active volcano in Asia, and the 12th highest mountain in the world, there are three other main reasons to have a Damavand climbing tour package in your holiday checklist.

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