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The best NBA passers of all time

basketball It is an exciting sport to watch, it is an obvious fact. Slam dunks, deadly monkeys, fast-breakers, and blocked shots usually form the highlight rings overnight. There is another aspect of basketball that is almost not given enough attention, and that is help.

Watching the ball pass around, the alley open, and the fast break where the ball barely touches the ground are just some of the exciting games that are played during a basketball game that includes goal assists.

It takes skill to be a great passer, yes, but the best players NBA Make help more like an art and a science.

Here are the best passers in NBA history.

1. John Stockton

John Stockton was stubborn, hard-hearted, and at times accused of being a bit of a dirty player. Most of all, Stockton was known for his death. Stockton led the NBA for nine consecutive assists. Just let it sink for a moment

Today we see letters like Stephen Kerry and Damian Lillard throwing shots from logos on the ground near the center ground, but John Stockton and his assists were also spectacular. Stockton was not glamorous or dramatic as he walked along the cliff, but if he was open, he could find anyone anywhere.

“Sight” is an overused term in basketball that describes a player’s unique ability to see the entire field in front of him. Usually associated with top NBA passers is usually a point guard such as Stockton or the Magic.

Stockton had a freight train with a finisher on it Carl Malone Hall of Fame teammate During their time together in Utah Jazz.

“Stockton to Malone” was a synonym for “pass” or “assist”. The two dynamics wreaked havoc by launching the “Select” and “Roll” attacks.

John Stockton was all about assists. Stockton was there when he needed to score or defend, but a great pass was a win for him. Stockton made many breaks in which he could have scored, but he slowed down to bring Malone to the field for a specific dunk.

Malone covered most of the jazz titles, and rightly so. Carl Malone has accumulated points over the years, but most of those baskets were in the hands of his jazz teammate John Stockton.

John Stockton had more than 15,000 assists, a record that still stands in the NBA. Stockton averaged 10.5 APG, and if you want to ask him, he admits that Malone used most of those coins.


2. Magic Johnson

When a player’s nickname is “magic” and almost replaces his name, you know we’re talking about a specific player.

Erwin “Magic” Johnson A magical name for his ability to pass the ball that no one else could. With his delicious food for his teammates, especially during the transition phase, Magic had a flame for the shows.

Without spectators and long passes in the traffic, these are just a few of the stunning passes that Magic has made throughout his career in the NBA. Johnson led one of the most exciting periods in the NBA with what became known as “Showtime,” which was named for the fast breaks after each rebound.

Los Angeles Lakers Magic has a lot of sports and Talented players In a list that Johnson could find in a way that only he could. At a time when physique and big men were dominant, Magic played an aspect that displayed a different kind of skill.

Johnson controlled the speed and direction of each game with basketball in his hands. Collecting total assists was not just a statistic for Magic, he improved his surroundings with his ability to pass the ball.

Only Karim Abdul Jabbar was known to Lakers fans before Magic arrived. Johnson’s passes for stars such as James Worthy, Byron Scott, Michael Cooper, and of course Abdul Jabbar, earned him stars and became a professional in the Hall of Fame.

His magic and amazing passes led the Lakers to five NBA titles. Johnson averaged nearly triple averages during his career in the NBA, scoring 19.5 PPG, 7.2 RPG and 11.2 APG.


3. Steve Nash

Steve Nash, or “Captain Canada,” was a first-time pass guard during his 19 seasons in the NBA. Nash passed the ball lightly, but was accurate in every game.

Right from his college days in Santa Clara at the NCAA, Nash became known as a great passer. His 501 assists in Santa Clara still remain a school record.

No one was surprised that Nash was a good passer. When Nash was in Santa Clara, with names like Jason Kidd and Gary Python, Players are notorious for their talent in finding teammates.

The vast majority of Nash’s eight seasons were spent as a member of the Phoenix Suns. It was in Phoenix that Nash won the NBA MVP in a row.

Nash’s cunning passes made the likes of Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire famous. Marion and Stodemir were great players, but if it weren’t for Nash’s passing artistically, their careers would have shrunk considerably.

Nash retired with more than 10,000 assists, averaging 8.5 assists per game. Nash assisted five times in his career in the NBA five times during his career. آ Profession Hall of Fame Making more money passing basketball is rare in today’s NBA, but Nash is still considered one of history’s top defenders.


4. Oscar Robertson

“O Great,” Oscar Robertson, Passed the ball and inspired the play of current NBA players like Russell Westbrook, who, like Robertson, averaged a triple double for a full season. Westbrook and Robertson are the only players to have averaged triple doubles in a season.

Robertson was the first player to score a triple double average of at least 10 PPGs, 10 RPGs and 10 APGs. He was the NBA leader six times during his career.

Robertson was not unlike his Hall of Fame brothers Stackton and Johnson, and he had the main goal of entering the Hall of Fame as well. Lou Alsinder, better known as Karim Abdul Jabbar, developed a great career under the tutelage of Johnson and Robertson.

With one championship, one MVP and 12 NBA appearances, Robertson each won a Hall of Fame vote. 14 years in the league and Robertson averaged more than 25 PPGs, 7.5 RPGs and 9.5 APGs.


5. Russell Westbrook

It may come as a surprise to some that Russell Westbrook is on our top 5 list, but it should not be. Westbrook is almost literally a double walking triple.

Westbrook, as mentioned earlier, and Oscar Robertson are the only two players in NBA history to average triples, points, assists and rebounds over a full season.

Westbrook is currently the only player to have more than one triple-double season. Westbrook averaged a triple-double in four of the five seasons, and overall triple-double surpassed Robertson for the NBA record.

Westbrook is the only current player in our top 5 list. The leader of the NBA 3 assists is still assisting and playing alongside another great passer who was not completely on our list – James LeBron.

Honorary mention

Celebrating Pete Pist Maravich. Not only did Maravich pass the ball accurately, he also owns videos of some of the most iconic passes in NBA history.

Basketball and NBA game legends like Isaiah Thomas Bad Detroit Boys, Steve Nash and Magic Johnson all cite Maravich’s excellent help as the inspiration for their careers.

Not disrespectful to Thomas, Nash and Johnson, but while Maravich was artistic with his passes, he was more of a goal scorer. Maravich 24.2 PPG, 4.2 RPG and only 5.4 APG.

Maravich is in the Hall of Fame, but it was his attacking talent. 1977 NBA Scoring Champion Which brought him this vote.


The final bell!

Assist, an offensive statistic that has little interest in basketball, presents some of the best in the NBA, while creating a career for passers-by and receivers.

Sean Kemp, Blake Griffin, De Under Jordan, and others dominated the NBA with their spectacular acrobatic moves while immersed in the air, but if it weren’t for a great pass, there would be no Alley Op, one of basketball’s most exciting games. .

There are many who were not on our list, who do you put as the best passers in NBA history?

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